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Wellness Trends 2023

WELLNESS | Published on 10/01/2020
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One of the best ways to get healthy in the new year is to check out the growing wellness trends 2023 has in store. These popular lifestyle trends aren’t just fleeting fads; they’re based on recent research and studies. From paying attention to what’s going on in your head to what’s going into your stomach, encompassing various aspects of these health and wellness trends will set you on the path to becoming a stronger, empowered version of yourself. Whether you make a drastic change to your diet, travel to spas and wellness retreats in Mexico, or simply start to limit your screen time, feel proud of every step you take.

Mental Health

Over the past couple years, more doctors and psychologists have been paying attention to mental health. Learning how to deal with stress and anxiety in 2023 will impact all areas of your life. Some simple mental health tips you can practice include journaling, meditating, and practicing mindfulness. As you do so, you’ll hopefully become aware of what truly triggers your stress, and if you can’t eliminate the trigger, these practices will help restore your peace. While taking a health and wellness vacation can give you the opportunity to start implementing these practices, remembering to care for your mental health at home will make all the difference.

Plant-Based Diets

While you don’t have to cut meat or dairy completely out of your diet, eating more leafy greens and fresh fruits and less meat is one of the top health and wellness trends. As people learn about the environmental impact of the meat industry and look at what nutrients humans need on a daily basis, more dieticians and scientists are making a plant-based diet one of the top health tipsfor the new year. While most spas and wellness retreats in Mexico serve primarily whole produce, eating green on a regular basis can have significant health and environmental benefits.

Wellness Travel

As you start to put these new lifestyle trends into practice, taking time for wellness travel can inspire your journey towards health. At spas and wellness retreats in Mexico, you’ll be treated to freshly prepared meals, be inspired by powerful speakers, practice mindfulness, and have time for exercise. However, don’t wait until you take a health and wellness vacation to start making changes to your daily routine. Wellness travel shouldn’t be the only time you practice mindfulness and eat healthily. Make these health and wellness trends a part of your everyday life, and let the retreats be an opportunity to learn more and be inspired.

Limited Screen Time

If you start tracking your screen time, you’ll likely be shocked just how much of your day is spent in front of the TV, computer, or phone. While some phones automatically update you about your screen usage, there are multiple apps the monitor and limit it for you. Spending less time scrolling through social media or watching TV shows gives you more time in your day to care for your physical and mental health.

These wellness trends 2023 has aren’t just fads. As you start to make even minor changes, you’ll notice a shift in your overall wellbeing. Even if you don’t have time for a full health and wellness vacation, you can start to take better care of your mind and body today with these simple health tips. 

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