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Storytime Extravaganza: Best Children's Books for Every Age

If you find yourself on the sandy shores of any Mexican beach destination in April, you'll likely catch wind of a vibrant celebration: Children's Day in Mexico. Held annually on April 30th, this…

Published on 07.03.2024


How Get Healthy On Vacation - 6 Tips to Help You Achieve It

Sometimes creating healthy habits when in the daily grind of your life can feel nearly impossible which is why many people find one of the many benefits of traveling is breaking those patterns so they…

Published on 07.03.2023


The Best Massages and Spa Treatments for Couples in Cabo San Lucas

There is no more relaxing and romantic way to spend your Cabo vacation with your partner than a couples spa day. From enjoying a romantic couples massage to indulging in a hydrating body scrub, the…

Published on 30.09.2022


4 Best Spa Facials to Make You Look Younger

People all over the planet are looking for how to keep skin young without surgery, seeking out the best facial treatments and spa experiences for a look that defies the laws of aging. Social media is…

Published on 26.08.2022


Wellness Experiences at Villa del Arco Cabo

Vacationing in Cabo San Lucas means days on the beach, parties by the pool, and delicious Mexican food, making it perfect for every occasion. Whether you come for a family vacation or romantic…

Published on 13.05.2022


Spa Day Experience for Mom

Mother’s Day is an important time to give back to the women who give so much love and care every single day, and taking time to enjoy things to do with mom and shower her with love is what this day is…

Published on 29.04.2022


The Best Morning Routine in Cabo San Lucas

When you’re on vacation, it’s easy to slip into lazy patterns and unhealthy habits, but with an intentional plan to begin your day with a wellness routine, you’ll find yourself more energized to enjoy…

Published on 25.02.2022


The Best Desert Spa Treatments in Cabo San Lucas

Desert Spa has been recognized as the best spa in Cabo San Lucas for so many reasons. The therapists are attentive and provide superior services, and from the pristine tranquility to the cozy robes…

Published on 11.02.2022


Best Day Spa in Cabo San Lucas

Of all the things to do in Cabo San Lucas, like scuba diving and mountain hiking, travelers agree that it’s important to slow down and relax, and there’s no better way to do this than by spending the…

Published on 05.10.2021


Benefits of Hydrotherapy Spa Treatments

The tradition of a hydrotherapy spa dates back to the ancient Roman baths, when wealthy citizens would spend their days in saunas, warm springs, and cool pools. They had already discovered some of the…

Published on 10.09.2021


What are the Benefits of Visiting a Spa?

There are many new trends in health and wellness, and at Desert Spa in Cabo San Lucas, new innovations are combined with traditional healing techniques for services that provide a variety of physical…

Published on 24.01.2020


Wellness Trends 2023

One of the best ways to get healthy in the new year is to check out the growing wellness trends 2023 has in store. These popular lifestyle trends aren’t just fleeting fads; they’re based on recent…

Published on 10.01.2020


3 Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated on Your Vacation

When it comes to how to stay hydrated on a road trip or international vacation, it’s easy to quickly forget about drinking water. However, following travel safety tips means drinking plenty of water…

Published on 22.08.2019


Cabo Health and Wellness - What You Need to Know

The power of the ocean and tranquility of lush palms make Cabo San Lucas a place of healing and restoration, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of life to invest in your own health and…

Published on 08.05.2019


What is Hydrotherapy?

What is hydrotherapy? While it may sound like the latest advancement in holistic health, it’s actually a practice that dates back to ancient Rome. Lately, it has been revived in modern spas with…

Published on 30.11.2018


The Ultimate Cabo Wellness Retreat

Escape the rush of daily life and experience a health and wellness vacation in Los Cabos that will rejuvenate your soul and make you feel alive. Wellness travel is great at leaving you calm and at…

Published on 07.11.2018

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