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The Ultimate Cabo Wellness Retreat

WELLNESS | Published on 07/11/2018
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Escape the rush of daily life and experience a health and wellness vacation in Los Cabos that will rejuvenate your soul and make you feel alive. Wellness travel is great at leaving you calm and at ease for when you return home. With the beauty and resources of Los Cabos, you can enjoy a wellness retreat during your stay in the city. While there are plenty of formal yoga retreats in Cabo San Lucas and wellness retreats in Mexico for travelers, you can create your own relaxing and intentional escape at any of the best resorts in Cabo San Lucas if you practice the following ideas:

At the base of all wellness retreats is mindfulness--the practice of bringing your attention and awareness to the present moment. Leave the worries of home behind, and let the future stay in the future. Experience all the present moment has to offer. This can be challenging, but making a few changes can help you practice mindfulness and create your own Cabo wellness retreat. Begin your day with meditation. If you’re new to the practice, consider downloading an app like Insight Timer. Another practice that will turn your trip into a health and wellness vacation is to turn your phone off for a while to avoid the distractions of social media, the news, and emails. 

As you practice mindfulness on your Cabo San Lucas wellness retreat, take time to wonder at the beauty of nature. Gaze at the massive expanse of the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific Ocean as you stroll along the beaches and listen to the sound of lapping waves. Recharge your energy on your health and wellness vacation by paddle boarding or kayaking on the water, and exercise your body with a hike in the natural wilderness surrounding the city. Being present and engaged in physical activity in the stunning location of Los Cabos will lift your spirit and return you feeling more comfortable and confident when you go home from your Cabo wellness retreat.

Wellness retreats in Mexico for travelers should balance physical activity with stillness. For each individual, being still looks different on wellness retreats. Lay by the pool during the afternoon, sip a glass of wine while watching the sunset, or relax on the beach with a good book. Rather than rushing from tour to tour, unwind and indulge in quiet moments that seem so fleeting back home. Instead of scrolling through your phone, choose an activity without technology for an afternoon of bliss during your Cabo wellness retreat.

Spas and wellness retreats in Mexico go hand in hand as the tranquil oasis of the spa compliments the physical rejuvenation of services and treatments. A Cabo San Lucas wellness retreat gives you access to some of the most luxurious and advanced spas in the country. Invite healing and peace into your muscles through the tradition of massage, and revitalize skin with facials and exfoliants. With the power of spas and wellness retreats in Mexico combined, you will find your mind and body feeling more at peace, yet with a renewed sense of strength. 

Yoga retreats in Cabo San Lucas are also a popular option as the practice combines both physical and spiritual wellness. These wellness retreats can be group events or you can create your own yoga retreats in Cabo San Lucas by doing your own practice in your hotel or going to one of the many peaceful yoga studios in the city that practice this ancient tradition. Many yoga retreats in Cabo San Lucas include yoga on the beach, which will increase all the benefits of yoga with the peaceful sound of the waves and view of the sea. Arranging a private practice on the beach or joining a group class can easily be arranged for your personal Cabo San Lucas wellness retreat.

Although there’s a vast array of spas and wellness retreats in Mexico, many visitors choose to create their own retreat for additional quietness, seclusion, and peace. Through a few simple practices, you can enjoy the benefits of  wellness retreats in Mexico for travelers and return home feeling more at peace with yourself and the world.

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