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The Best Desert Spa Treatments in Cabo San Lucas

WELLNESS | Published on 11/02/2022
Optimizada desert spa treatments in cabo san lucas

Desert Spa has been recognized as the best spa in Cabo San Lucas for so many reasons. The therapists are attentive and provide superior services, and from the pristine tranquility to the cozy robes, every aspect of the spa is designed to relax you physically and mentally. Each of treatments harnesses the power of natural oils and plants, combining them with modern health science to truly restore your body. To find the perfect spa treatments for you, begin by sitting down with a spa technician to discuss your specific needs and ailments. They’ll be able to recommend the right body massage or treatment for a luxury spa weekend that’s just as healing as it is pampering. Their list of services addresses a variety of issues, and these are just a few of the unique treatments you’ll only find at Desert Spa.

The Desert Spa Signature Enzyme Facial. 

Facials are some of the most commonly requested spa treatments, designed to brighten your complexion and erase the damage caused by time. This enzyme facial at Desert Spa uses a cinnamon peel to increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin while softening rough areas. Your therapist will then apply a series of collagen-inducing masks with a unique protein enzyme that invigorates cellular metabolism for tighter and brighter skin, turning back the hands of the clock and leaving you with a youthful glow after a single spa day.

Desert Rose Replenishing Facial

After days spent on the beach during your luxury spa weekend, your skin will likely feel a little dehydrated and even inflamed from the sun, and the Desert Rose Replenishing Facial will gently cleanse your skin with a rich mask made from a custom blend of minerals to calm and hydrate your face. Rose oil is known for its ability to oxygenate and moisturize skin, and afterwards, a cooling blend of green tea, cucumber, and aloe vera leaves the skin protected and soft.

Relaxing Massage

All bodies will benefit from the gentle stretching and pressure of a body massage, a wellness treatment that delivers a variety of health benefits, including enhanced circulation to help your body carry oxygen throughout it and expel toxins, and by communicating with your therapist, you’ll receive the right amount of pressure to alleviate muscular pain. The Relaxing Massage at Desert Spa is a classic Swedish-style full-body massage that will ease both physical and mental stress.

Muscular Release Massage Therapy

Another body massage option is the Muscular Release, and if you suffer from chronic aches, this is specialized to help. Because it’s designed with deep pressure, it can feel uncomfortable at times, but you’ll feel tension release with the stretching and pressure of the treatment. While it’s not one of the most tranquil spa treatments to have done, you’ll find your body feeling at ease and relaxed afterwards.

Espresso Limón Slimming Body Treatment

As the best spa in Cabo San Lucas, Desert Spa offers a variety of signature treatments, and the Espresso Limón Slimming Body Treatment will help you feel sleek and smooth for your luxury spa weekend at the beach. The initial dry brushing is a wellness treatment to stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification before you’re covered with their exclusive Espresso Limón Slimming Oil to purify and tone the body.

Coconut Milk Immersion

For a blissful spa day, indulge in the Coconut Milk Immersion, a full-body experience that harnesses the healing and hydrating properties of coconut milk. First, you’ll relax while immersed in a swirling blend of Kukui, coconut, marigold, and chamomile. After soaking in this wellness treatment, your therapist will massage you with luxurious coconut milk, leaving your muscles relaxed and your skin hydrated.

Treating yourself to a spa day isn’t just a chance to feel pampered. With the right services and natural products, your health will be improved for a better immune system and greater strength. As the best spa in Cabo San Lucas, Desert Spa offers a variety of services to heal all sorts of ailments, and the spa technicians will help you design a plan to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

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