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Cabo Health and Wellness - What You Need to Know

WELLNESS | Published on 08/05/2019
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The power of the ocean and tranquility of lush palms make Cabo San Lucas a place of healing and restoration, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of life to invest in your own health and wellness. Many travelers choose to make their time in Cabo Mexico a chance to renew health and wellness rather than to party the night away drinking too much. If you choose to, your vacation can easily become a transformative opportunity of establishing healthy habits, leaving you rejuvenated and refreshed when you return home.

While there are many formal Cabo wellness retreats and yoga trips to try, creating your own vacation dedicated to practicing mindfulness and making healthy choices has many benefits. Creating your own Cabo wellness retreats allows you the space to take care of your specific needs and listen to your own body. Rather than comparing yourself with the person next to you, you’ll be guided by the feelings in your body and your own thoughts.

One of the essential practices that have been gaining popularity in health and wellness articles is mindfulness, a term that simply means being aware of your mind. As we go through our day, our thoughts are often somewhere else, dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. One of the best wellness tips is to add a few minutes of mindfulness practices into your day using an app with guided meditations or simply closing your eyes to focus on your breath. However, if sitting still for meditation isn’t comfortable for you, you can meditate while walking, swimming, or even eating, as long as you focus on the slowing down and being present in every step, stroke, or bite. Another of the best wellness tips for mindfulness is to turn your phone off and keep it in your hotel room. Live fully in the present without the distraction of emails, news, or social media to renew health and wellness. You can find a variety of mindfulness practices online and in health and wellness articles that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

Just as important as taking care of your mind is exercising your body. After sleeping in on your vacation, the cool morning breeze is perfect for getting in some light exercise. Yoga is one of the top ways to renew health and wellness since it combines stretching, strengthening poses, and meditation. You can practice yoga in the privacy of your own suite or take a local yoga class. Another perfect Cabo Mexico option for exercise is a walk or jog along Medano Beach, two miles of sandy shoreline in the city. For more rigorous exercise, many of the top Cabo San Lucas resorts have gyms fully equipped with free weights and machine and many offer fitness classes. One of the important wellness tips to keep in mind is to properly warm up your muscles before working out and to stretch out afterward.

As you’re exercising on vacation, it’s important to fuel your body properly. There are plenty of health and wellness articles that can advise you on what to eat, but the easiest idea to follow is to eat a variety of grains, meats, and produce and to enjoy all the fresh options in Mexico. All year long, you can enjoy juicy pineapple and leafy greens straight from local Cabo San Lucas farmers. Cabo Mexico is also famous for its fishing waters, and there are plenty of health benefits to eating fresh fish. Fueling your body well will leave you energized and less bloated, giving you space to indulge on vacation in a few tacos and a cold beer.

Create your own Cabo wellness retreats by adding in a little mindfulness and exercise and by indulging in fresh produce and seafood. Being intentional with your choices on vacation will leave you feeling more alive and refreshed, ready to return home to a healthier lifestyle.

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