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Cabo San Lucas Blog

The Best Flights to Cabo San Lucas

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Why You Should Spend Christmas In Cabo
14/12/2018 - Destination

Why you should spend Christmas in Cabo

Christmas in Cabo is the perfect time to enjoy both the beauty of paradise and the festivities of the season. With parties and celebrations taking place almost every day in Los Cabos in December, it’s a unique time to experience Mexican culture and soak up the sun. When you visit Los Cabos at…

Romantic Getaway Cabo San Lucas
06/12/2018 - Destination

Romantic Getaway Cabo San Lucas

The rustling of lush palm trees, zesty margaritas, and neon sunsets over the ocean naturally inspire romance along the beaches of Mexico. It’s a country where couples young and old come for a romantic getaway. Cabo San Lucas has become a popular romantic destination for couples lookingfor a quick …

What Is Hydrotherapy
30/11/2018 - Wellness

What is Hydrotherapy?

What is hydrotherapy? While it may sound like the latest advancement in holistic health, it’s actually a practice that dates back to ancient Rome. Lately, it has been revived in modern spas with hydrotherapy treatments designed to alleviate pain, calm the senses, and rejuvenate the body. As one of…

Sabor A Cabo
20/11/2018 - Events

Sabor a Cabo 2018

Mexico is busy preparing for one of the most anticipated Cabo events in December 2018: Sabor a Cabo. This international food and wine festival with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean is a chance for chefs and foodies to sink their teeth into gourmet dishes, listen to live music performances, and…

13/11/2018 - Destination

What to Wear on Your Cabo San Lucas Beach Vacation

A Cabo San Lucas beach vacation is a time to soak up the sun and relax under the palms, but packing for vacation can be stressful as you debate each item and article of clothing. When you’re flying to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, you’ll also have to keep in mind baggage limits. Figuring out what to wear…

The Ultimate Cabo Wellness Retreat
07/11/2018 - Wellness

The Ultimate Cabo Wellness Retreat

Escape the rush of daily life and experience a health and wellness vacation in Los Cabos that will rejuvenate your soul and make you feel alive. Wellness travel is great at leaving you calm and at ease for when you return home. With the beauty and resources of Los Cabos, you can enjoy a wellness…

24/10/2018 - Destination

The Best Flights to Cabo San Lucas

In recent years, more and more people have been putting their savings towards travel. Couples, friends, and families are going abroad to the sunny beaches of Mexico, seeking rest and adventure. With an international airport, flights to Cabo San Lucas are constantly available, with many direct Cabo…

Renew Your Vows On Your Cabo Vacation
18/10/2018 - Weddings

Renew Your Vows on your Cabo Vacation

Whether it is your first wedding anniversary or your 50th, renewing wedding vows on the beach can be a great way to reignite the passion between you and your spouse, create a romantic memory for an important milestone, or simply provide a great way to celebrate your love once again. If you are…

Preparing A Traditional Mexican Altar For The Day Of The Dead
11/10/2018 - Destination

Preparing a Traditional Mexican Altar for the Day of the Dead

Every year, the vibrant culture of Mexico is on full display during the most popular Mexican holiday: Dia de Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This festive holiday has long been a part of the beautiful Mexican culture, and it celebrates and remembers loved ones who have passed away. There are many Day of…

Reasons To Love Los Cabos
05/10/2018 - Destination

Reasons to Love Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a traveler’s paradise, with endless beaches, exotic foods, and warm hospitality. Its beauty and charm provide plenty of reasons to love Los Cabos and keep visitors coming back year after year for family vacations, romantic trips, and quick getaways to this top destination in Mexico…

Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot
26/09/2018 - Events

Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2018

One of the highlights of the Los Cabos events calendar every year is the Tuna Jackpot Tournament. From November 6-10, the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot takes over the marina and hits the Sea of Cortez. This legendary Cabo San Lucas event brings in multiple tunas weighing over 200 and 300 pounds and puts…

How Know Your Sunscreen Killing Coral Reefs
30/08/2018 - Lifestyle

How to Know if Your Sunscreen Is Killing Coral Reefs - and 3 Brands to Try Instead

Lately, environmental news has shown that pollution in the oceans is tragically killing coral reefs and destroying the homes of the marine life living there. Some of the pollutants slowly trickling into the oceans are the chemicals in many sunscreens. As swimmers jump into the sea, their sunscreen…

09/08/2018 - Events

Upcoming Cabo San Lucas Events

Jump into the colorful cultural scene of Mexico on your upcoming vacation by participating in local Cabo San Lucas events. From fishing tournaments to jazz festivals, the current events in Cabo offer something for everyone to enjoy, and they provide an opportunity for guests to feel like residents…

04/08/2018 - News

Certificate of Excellence 2018 for Desert Spa, The Number One Spa in Los Cabos

Within the elegant hacienda-style resort of Villa La Estancia Los Cabos, you’ll find the ultimate wellness center and luxury spa Mexico has waiting for you. Awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2018, Desert Spa in Cabo, Mexico is a 31,000 square foot oasis with tranquil treatment rooms featuring…

Vda Lc
14/07/2018 - Weddings

Planning the Perfect Proposal in Los Cabos

Cabo, Mexico is a romantic paradise where couples bask in their love under the gentle sway of lush palm trees overlooking the crystal blue ocean. The timeless magic of the Mexican beaches have inspired thousands of proposal ideas in Cabo San Lucas from the extravagant to the intimate. While the…

Villa Del Arco Cabo San Lucas Take Inspiration Celebrity Chefs
06/07/2018 - Events

Villa del Arco Cabo San Lucas Takes Inspiration from Celebrity Chefs for Gastronomic Journey

The Villa Group Resorts, a unique collection of luxury resorts in five of the top destinations in Mexico, has hosted a large number of celebrity chefs over the years at their various culinary journeys and gastronomic events. While each event has highlighted the exquisite culinary scenes of Puerto…

Best Time Of Year To Visit According To Cabo Weather
09/05/2018 - Destination

Best Time of Year to Visit According to Cabo Weather

The glistening water, brightly painted sunsets, soft sands, and of course the tropical breeze contribute to the ultimate Cabo San Lucas experience, but it is Cabo weather that truly makes vacationing in the top destination a treat. The stunning seaside town is a haven for travelers throughout the…

Fun Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas
07/05/2018 - Lifestyle

Fun Things To Do in Cabo San Lucas

There are so many fun things to do in Cabo San Lucas, choosing how to fill your vacation days may be the only difficult thing about visiting Los Cabos, Mexico. The popular tourist destination, which was once a small fishing village, has turned into a haven for travelers looking for discovery…

How To Stay In Shape Without Sacrificing Your Los Cabos Vacation
07/05/2018 - Lifestyle

How to Stay in Shape Without Sacrificing your Los Cabos Vacation

Taking a vacation Los Cabos, Mexico doesn’t necessarily have to mean that your health and fitness routine has to come to a screeching halt. While relaxation is an essential part of traveling, there are countless ways to stay in shape without sacrificing your Los Cabos vacation, especially when…