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Consider These Styles of Wedding Guest Dresses for a Beach Wedding

WEDDINGS | Published on 10/10/2022
Optimizada wedding guest dresses for a beach wedding

Whether you are a guest of honor or a plus one, you will want to know the most fashionable and functional wedding dress styles for a beachside ceremony. There is an assortment of wedding guest dress ideas to suit your personal taste and comfort while keeping you elegant and fresh on the sandy shore. You will find that from the casual to the formal, a beach wedding offers one of the best opportunities for wedding party dresses.

Knowing what to wear to a beach wedding can be confusing, but with this guide full of wedding guest dress ideas, you’ll be on your way to turning heads.

The Dos and Don’ts When it Comes to Dresses for Wedding Guests

Knowing what to wear to a beach wedding requires knowing some important beach norms. 

  • DON’T. A beach wedding will typically always warrant a more relaxed dress-code, so you should make sure you skip the compulsion to wear black

  • DO. Choose brighter or more tropical colors such as coral, yellow, or sage green. These vibrant colors will pair nicely with the backdrop of blue waters and sunset skies. While color is a great choice for a beach wedding, it isn’t uncommon for couples to ask that each wedding guest dress in a specific color, such as white and beige. Make sure to check your invitation or the couple’s wedding website where that information would be found. 

  • DO. Choosing wedding guest outfits with breathable fabric such as cotton or linen will ensure your comfort on the beach throughout hot, sunny, or humid conditions. 

  • DON’T. Wear dresses with heavier fabrics, you will feel sweaty and cumbersome.

  • DON’T. Because beach weddings are innately more casual events, high-heels are not a suitable shoe style to wear with any wedding party dresses. High-heels will only cause you unnecessary discomfort and possibly even a twisted ankle.

  • DO. Wear flat sandals or block heels. However, standard beach flip-flops might register as a little too casual for a wedding. 

What’s Trendy and Chic in Wedding Dress Styles

Maxi dresses are one of the most stylish and sophisticated wedding guest dresses to choose if you are wondering what to wear to a beach wedding. A floor length dress with a breezy flow, maxi dresses are where the traditionally formal dresses for wedding guests meet the beach wedding's more relaxed vibes. Plus, you can find a variety of maxi dress styles such as ones with an empire waistline or a dropped waist, free flowing or fitted, or even spaghetti strapped or sleeveless to fit your personal fashion preferences.

Elegant and Functional

Jumpsuits are another popular option for wedding guest outfits. Widely recognized as the garment of women's empowerment and liberation, jumpsuits exude a functional yet classy aura that will combine well with the laidback overtones of the beach wedding party.

Confortable and Summery

A midi dress, or a dress that falls anywhere from below the knees to just above the ankles, is a particularly suitable choice for the perfect dress at a beach wedding. Especially flattering amidst a sandy beach on a sunny day, a midi dress will elevate that touch of spring and summer on the sweethearts' special day. Midi dresses are also one of the most comfortable wedding dress styles; an auspicious choice for any other activities you might want to participate in at a destination beach wedding.

Novel and Trendy

If you want to try something more novel and trendy, two-piece outfits are becoming more favored alternatives as wedding guest outfits. A more formal wedding might not be appropriate for the two-piece outfit, but a beach wedding is the ideal occasion to try out the up-and-coming trend. One of the other advantages of a two-piece outfit is that after the special celebration day you can mix-and-match your top and bottom with other wardrobe items to create new outfits.

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