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Is Cabo San Lucas Safe During Hurricane Season?

NEWS | Published on 24/06/2022
Optimizada hurricane season in cabo san lucas

When you’re wondering what to expect in Cabo San Lucas, visions of hammocks under palm trees and waves lapping the beach come to mind, but like most coastal destinations, Cabo San Lucas weather has a hurricane season that can interfere with even the best of plans. While few storms make landfall, travelers need to know when hurricane season is and how to stay safe during a hurricane if there is a storm headed to Cabo San Lucas. Being prepared for a Cabo San Lucas hurricane will help you feel confident and secure during your travels.

When is Hurricane Season in Cabo?

The official Cabo San Lucas hurricane season is June through November, but most of the summer and fall has the famous warm and sunny Cabo San Lucas weather. The majority of rainfall comes in September, and it’s around this time that the city could experience a Cabo San Lucas travel advisory for a storm. If there is a hurricane near Cabo San Lucas, city officials will make announcements and take precautions. Most years, a storm headed to Cabo San Lucas ends up being classified as a tropical storm and not a hurricane, and the city ends up just getting a few rainy days.

Difference Between Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

The main difference between tropical storms and hurricanes is the wind speeds. During a hurricane, the wind will blow over 74mph. Anything less than that is a tropical storm. This might not seem like a significant difference, but there can be significant damage caused by winds ripping through town and carrying more rain with them. When there is a storm headed to Cabo San Lucas, it often gets downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm, and it rarely causes mass destruction.

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe?

A Cabo San Lucas travel advisory for a hurricane is serious news, and during a storm, safety is the city’s top priority. Because it’s in a tropical climate, Cabo has prepared emergency plans for securing the city, and resorts have already arranged locations if a Cabo San Lucas hurricane makes an evacuation from the coast necessary. By following guidelines, you’ll be able to stay safe when the Cabo San Lucas weather gets dangerous.

What to Expect in Cabo San Lucas During Hurricane Season

Savvy travelers know that booking vacations during hurricane season can be a smart move. Because tourism is typically slower in the late summer and fall, resorts and airlines offer their lowest prices of the year, leaving you extra room in your budget for excursions and souvenirs. Plus, there will be fewer crowds, which will make the city feel laid back and tranquil. While you might risk there being a hurricane near Cabo San Lucas, the chance of experiencing a strong storm during your vacation is slim. The reality of what to expect in Cabo San Lucas during this time of year is a few rainy days, which is the perfect chance to relax in the spa, take a cooking class, or get in some shopping.

How to Stay Safe During a Hurricane

Because there are so many benefits to traveling to Cabo during hurricane season, it’s important to know how to stay safe during a hurricane. When the winds start to blow, close the curtains where you’re staying, and stay away from windows. If you’re worried about tropical storms and hurricanes in Cabo, stay at a resort with a safety plan in place. They’ll help you make sure you have plenty of bottled water in your room, and the local staff will be paying attention to the Cabo San Lucas travel advisory and weather updates, staying ready for any situation, whether the power goes out or guests need to be evacuated inland. 

If you’re planning a trip to Cabo and know when hurricane season is, you’re either looking forward to the peace and quiet that comes with a few rainy days or you’re nervous about whether Cabo San Lucas is safe. While Mother Nature can be unpredictable, the chance of having a truly destructive hurricane near Cabo San Lucas on your trip is rare, so if the idea of a late summer or fall vacation is tempting, go ahead and book your adventure.

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