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Discover 3 Extreme Tours in Los Cabos

DESTINATION | Published on 29/01/2019
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While Los Cabos vacations provide a chance to relax and unwind, but there’s also the opportunity to escape the ordinary and get your Los Cabos adrenaline fill. Whether you’ve already done the other tours in Los Cabos or not, these new tours and activities will give you an epic adventure in Mexico. Challenging yourself with something new will let you soar to new heights and experience the beauty of the top Los Cabos outdoor activities. On Los Cabos extreme tours, you can explore the beauty of the environment around the city while trying daring and thrilling tours and activities.

In The Sea 

Some of the best activities in Los Cabos take you out to sea to explore its majesty and mystery. Live your dream of flying with a hydro jetpack, and soar over the waves. After brief instructions from Hydro Flyboard or Jetpack Adventures, you’ll be out in the ocean ready to fly. These Cabo tours include HD GoPro recordings so that the memories of these Los Cabos adrenaline-pumping rides will last forever. If you’re looking for tours in Los Cabos that will take you to the sea but beyond the ordinary boat tours, book yourself one of the most unique Los Cabos extreme tours on a hydro jet pack.

In The Jungle

The wild beauty of the jungle and the rugged power of the mountains are the backdrop for thrilling Cabo tours. Cabo Adventure’s Outdoor Zip Line Adventure tour combines some of the top Los Cabos outdoor activities into one day of adventure. Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Cabo on a tropical hike before soaring over canyons and tree-top canopies on a series of ziplines, including the longest and fastest line in Mexico. You’ll also have the chance to rappel down a sheer rock face, but your Los Cabos adrenaline ride doesn’t stop there. Continue to explore the wild landscape with a Polaris UTV off-roading excursion over rugged trails designed for maximum excitement. Together, these tours and activities add up to a day filled with electrifying fun.

In The Air

Some of the top Los Cabos outdoor activities will take you to new heights, but none as high as skydiving over the ocean. The views on the flight up and the jump can’t be found on any other tours in Los Cabos. As you fall towards the beach, you’ll reach speeds up to 200km per hour. Cabo Skydive offers a variety of jumps from different heights, all accompanied by a qualified instructor. After free falling, the chute opens, and you can take in the 360º bird’s eye view of Cabo as the adrenaline pumps through your body on one of the best activities in Los Cabos.

While your Cabo vacation will probably have plenty of time relaxing and taking it slow, enjoy the best activities in Los Cabos for adrenaline junkies to mix things up and try something new. These Los Cabos extreme tours will challenge you to be brave and soar to new heights. Whether you choose Cabo tours in the sea, jungle, or air, you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty of Mexico and filled with excitement.

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