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12 Reasons to Vacation in Mexico

DESTINATION | Published on 23/10/2019
Optimizada 12 reasons to vacation in mexico

From the lush jungles to the tropical bexaches, there are thousands of places to vacation in Mexico, offering the ideal escape for each individual traveler. For many, the deals on Mexico vacation packages make visiting even more tempting. While more and more are packing their bags for Mexico, some people may not realize the rich diversity of the country or know where the safest place to vacation in Mexico is. As you explore your travel options, let these 12 reasons to take Mexico vacations inspire your journey.

1. Sunny Weather

The biggest draw for most people to Mexico is the sunny weather all year long. As the number of foreigners trading the biting northern winds for the ocean breeze has grown, so have your options for the safest place to vacation in Mexico. With tourism driving the economy in coastal cities, business and community leaders work hard to make their cities the safest place to vacation in Mexico, giving the country a welcoming reputation.

2. Ancient Ruins

Some of the best vacation spots in Mexico are near ancient ruins, and while most of them lie on the east coast, you can find ancient carvings and buildings near almost any major destination. Exploring history is one of the most enriching activities for Mexico family vacations.

3. Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine is a global favorite, but there’s nothing like the warmth of handmade tortillas and the sizzle of meat at the local taco stand in Mexico. Many all-inclusive Mexico vacation packages include unlimited access to some of the best Mexican restaurants in town. As you browse the menus, look for local dishes, and try something new.

4. Tequila

The perfect accompaniment to Mexican cuisine is tequila. Whether you shoot it straight or sip a margarita, enjoying this national drink helps you to slow down and taste the culture. One of the most interesting places to vacation in Mexico is the city of Tequila, a charming village surrounded by agave fields and distilleries. 

5. Vibrant Artwork

Mexican artwork isn’t shy. Bold colors and vibrant prints celebrate the country’s heritage and environment. In the best vacation spots in Mexico, you can wander into local galleries and browse boutique stores with handmade goods. Finding the perfect Mexican artwork to take home with you will forever draw up memories of your Mexico vacations. 

6. Mariachi Music

From classic mariachi melodies to the club beats of reggaeton, there’s more diversity to Mexican music than most people realize. If you love music, fill your Mexico vacations with concerts, and dine at restaurants with live music. There’s beauty in each song, setting the tune for your travels.

7. Postcard-Perfect Beaches

Beach vacations in Mexico are popular with everyone: spring breakers, retirees, honeymooners, and families. The coasts are some of the top places to vacation in Mexico, and from the moment your toes hit the sand, it’s clear why. Endless stretches of soft sand and turquoise waters give you a little slice of heaven for your beach vacations in Mexico. Here, you can build memories of Mexico family vacations, rekindle the romance with your partner, or enjoy an escape from the everyday hustle. These destinations also have some of the best vacation deals in the country.

8. Lush Mountains

While beach vacations in Mexico are the classic choice, the rest of the country is filled with lush mountains and stunning scenery. As you explore the jungle and climb mountains, you’ll see the wild diversity of the country and more of our world’s natural beauty.

9. Captivating Culture

From the landscapes to the food, it’s the captivating culture of Mexico that has drawn travelers for hundreds of years. As you explore the best vacation spots in Mexico, be sure to attend local events, cultural performances, and museums to see what makes this culture so rich and fascinating. 

10. Warm Hospitality

At the heart of the culture are the people who call Mexico home, and the warm hospitality you find throughout the cities makes Mexico family vacations feel welcoming and safe. 

11. Luxurious Hotels

Accommodations in Mexico range from celebrity villas to simple hostels, but for a reasonable price, you can stay in a luxurious all-inclusive hotel, especially with the number of vacation deals offered throughout the year.

12. Outdoor Adventures

Ziplining, skydiving, snorkeling, and swimming with dolphins are just a few of the outdoor adventures you can try in Mexico. Many tour companies offer vacation deals, so be sure to shop during holiday sales and sign up for newsletters as you’re planning your getaway. Many Mexico vacation packages even include watersport rentals and on-site activities, saving you money on outdoor adventures.

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