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Day of the Dead and Halloween Celebrations in Cabo San Lucas

DESTINATION | Published on 24/10/2022
Optimizada halloween and day of the dead celebration in cabo san lucas

Day of the Dead in Cabo San Lucas is a festive time of year when families and communities gather to share food, clean up cemeteries, and share stories of those who have died. Experiencing the iconic and vibrant Day of the Dead traditions on November 1-2 will make your Mexico vacation a culturally enriching experience, and you’ll understand what this day is all about. To be part of the Day of the Dead celebration, check out these festivities in Cabo San Lucas.

Halloween in Cabo San Lucas

Halloween in Cabo San Lucas is the night before Day of the Dead, and the Halloween events stem from US traditions. Children in Mexico have fallen in love with trick-or-treating, walked the streets of Cabos chanting “Queremos Halloween!” or “We want Halloween!” If you’re missing the traditional Halloween events from back home, head to downtown Cabo San Lucas with a bag of candy, and sit down outside at a restaurant. You’ll be able to pass out candy and be part of Halloween in Cabo San Lucas. Later on, join one of the Halloween events and parties hosted by resorts and clubs throughout the city.

Day of the Dead Facts

As you participate in Mexican holidays and traditions, it’s important to know the history and values behind them. The Day of the Dead festival dates back to ancient Aztec times, when people believed that the spirits of those who had died could return to the earth to guide and comfort their families. Creating memorials and keeping their memories alive lead to many Day of the Dead traditions. As you experience Day of the Dead in Cabo San Lucas, keep your eyes open for some of these Day of the Dead facts and traditions:

  • Pan de Muerto: One of the traditional foods of Day of the Dead, this pastry has a slight taste of orange and is covered in sugar.

  • Ofrendas: Traditional Day of the Dead altars are set up to memorialize and honor those who have died. The altars contain many symbols, like candles to light the way for departed souls and water to quench their thirst.

  • Catrinas: These skeletons in their Victorian outfits are iconic to any Day of the Dead celebration. They remind us that no matter who we are, rich or poor, we are all humans who will one day die.

Day of the Dead Altars

Building traditional Day of the Dead altars is both a private event for families and a community display. Throughout the city, you’ll see altars in restaurants and business, but to see the biggest display during the Day of the Dead festival, head to the main square, Plaza Amelia Wilke, where community members have created beautiful displays with colorful flowers and vibrant artworks. The best display wins an award from the city, and as you walk between the different altars, you’ll witness the beauty of Day of the Dead traditions. 

Cemeteries in Cabo San Lucas

One of the most important Day of the Dead facts is that it’s a time for families and communities to clean up cemeteries. Leaves are brushed away, flowers are laid, and neighbors gather to share stories. Visitors are welcome to respectfully visit the Los Cabos or San Jose del Cabo cemeteries to feel the community atmosphere of the Day of the Dead celebration, but remember to ask permission before taking pictures of people.

San Jose del Cabo Art Walk

While the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk continues on after the Day of the Dead festival, visiting the galleries gives you a chance to discover traditional and contemporary Mexican artists whose works reflect different Mexican holidays and traditions. As Day of the Dead approaches, the galleries will have special shows of folkloric art that captures the essence of this holiday.

Of all the Mexican holidays and traditions, Day of the Dead in Cabo San Lucas is an especially festive time of the year. The community celebrates its culture and shares their memories of those who have died. If you’re lucky enough to be in Cabo San Lucas on November 1-2, you’ll be able to experience this iconic celebration and all its traditions.

Check out our video for an eye-catching addition to add to your Halloween festivities!

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