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Travel Predictions for 2021 - What to Expect?

NEWS | Published on 08/01/2021
2021 travel trends

After a year of canceled flights and COVID travel restrictions, vacations are back on, and the tourism industry is picking up again, but the travel trends for 2021 will look a little different. This year, the travel industry will see a boom in socially distanced vacation activities and a need for more flexible cancellation policies. To discover what the coming year will hold, check out these travel predictions 2021 has, and start making your vacation plans for a safe and exciting getaway.

Cancellation Policies

As the Coronavirus vaccine rolls out around the world, more people will feel confident traveling, but with the continued presence of the virus, travelers are double checking cancellation policies. Before, few travelers took time to fully read the fine print, but due to COVID travel restrictions, this is a new priority. Advertisements in the travel industry will continue to inform customers of flexible changes and low cancellation fees, so before booking that vacation, double check all the policies regarding your vacation.

Eco Tourism

2020 saw fires rage across the world, destroying environments and affecting the global climate, and as a result, one of the top travel predictions 2021 has is a growth in eco tourism. To explore new cities and reduce carbon footprints, travelers will opt for bike tours, hiking excursions, and local dining experiences. These travel trends for 2021 will reduce gas consumption while showing off unique spots, making for vacations that are true adventures. Exploring outdoor tourism trends will also help people follow social distancing guidelines on vacation.

Local Adventures

Some of the most popular tourism trends will be closer to home. With COVID travel restrictions and extra caution being taken, people are exploring the hidden gems near their own homes. These local adventures include hometown museums, nature preserves, and charming small towns. By staying local, travelers can follow their local COVID guidelines and support small businesses. 

Digital Nomads

One of the biggest tourism trends in 2020 that will continue is working vacations. As more jobs went online, people took advantage of being able to work from anywhere in the world. With the comforts of an all-inclusive resort and oceanfront views, employees found new inspiration and productivity by working while traveling. This idea of being a digital nomad and traveling while working will continue to be one of the top travel trends for 2021, even for families whose children can do school online during vacation.

Socially Distanced Activities

Whether you’re close to home or on the other side of the world, it’s important to follow social distancing and personal hygiene guidelines. As you travel, you’ll be able to create incredible memories with activities that are naturally socially distanced. From paddleboarding to mountain biking, you can stay six feet away from others while still having the time of your life, giving these outdoor activities new growth within the travel industry this year. Add scuba diving, hiking, and snorkeling into your vacation this year for safe travels.

While there’s still uncertainty about the future, these travel predictions 2021 has reflect the changes of the past year and the hope that travelers have about returning to their favorite destinations. As you prepare to get back on the road, be sure to check for any COVID travel restrictions, and remember to make healthy choices wherever the new year finds you. Filling you vacation with outdoor and local activities will help you explore what makes the destination unique while keeping you and others safe.

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