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New Year's Eve in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

DESTINATION | Published on 26/12/2022
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There’s no better way to end the year than with a Mexico New Year’s Eve vacation at Villa del Arco Cabo, a holiday filled with festivities, delicious foods, and outdoor Cabo San Lucas activities. During the celebrations, you’ll be able to experience cultural traditions at New Year’s Eve family events, but the best part of all will be quality time with your loved ones. Without the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush, you’ll be able to slow down and enjoy all the wonderful things to do in Cabo San Lucas together. 

Mexico New Year’s Eve Traditions

Experiencing local traditions and holidays is one of the most important things to do in Cabo San Lucas, and at your New Year’s Eve celebration, there are a few traditions to follow for good luck. As you get ready, make sure to put on a new pair of underwear, and the color will signify what sort of luck you’ll get. Choose red for love, yellow for wealth, green for health, or white for peace. Before midnight, you’ll want to eat 12 grapes to bring you good luck, and when the clock strikes 12, take an empty suitcase for a jog around the block to fill your new year with travel and adventure. While these Mexico New Year’s Eve traditions might not necessarily change what will happen in the coming year, they’re a great way to set intentions and begin your year with a festive attitude. 

New Year’s Eve Dinner at Villa del Arco Cabo

The best New Year’s Eve family events are at the Villa del Arco Cabo this year, and with their array of gourmet restaurants, everyone will be able to end their year with a mouth-watering meal of fresh seafood, seasoned meats, and local produce. At the Neptune seafood restaurant, enjoy a terrace overlooking the sea with a five-course menu with different options to choose from as a main course. At El Patron Mexican Bistro, an array of international dishes and Mexican favorites create a dinner buffet that will dazzle your tastebuds. With a variety of fresh salads, unique sides, savory entrees, and sweet desserts, everyone will be able to feast to their heart’s content, making this one of the best New Year’s Eve family events. 

Weather in Cabo San Lucas

The best part of New Year’s Eve Cabo San Lucas 2022 will be the warm weather and sunny skies. After the heat of summer, you’ll have mild temperatures that make it easy to stay outside and try all the unique things to do in Cabo San Lucas, like ziplining, hiking, and whale watching. Some of the most popular Cabo San Lucas activities are snorkeling and scuba diving, and while the water temperatures are lower in the winter, staying near the surface or wearing a wetsuit is the best way to enjoy exploring the Sea of Cortez at New Years. Whether you’re sailing out to sea or laying out on the beach, the beautiful winter weather will make your New Year’s Eve celebration warm and bright.

New Year’s Eve 2022 Cabo San Lucas is going to be a night to remember. With elegant parties and gourmet dining, you’ll be able to countdown in style this year, and with the warm weather, you’ll be able to kick your year off with outdoor Cabo San Lucas activities in the mountains and at sea. For a memorable holiday season, celebrate with the warm hospitality of Villa del Arco Cabo.

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