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Adventurous things to do in Cabo

DESTINATION | Published on 11/07/2019
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Cabo San Lucas is known as a luxurious destination filled with indulgences and beauty, but you can also take a ride on the wild side with these adventurous things to do in Cabo. Whether you’re looking to get a rush of adrenaline or to get in touch with nature, these unique things to do in Cabo San Lucas will put a little adventure into your vacation. For a trip like no other, put some of these extreme sports and activities into your Cabo schedule.


To get a scenic view of the coast, you’ll need nerves of steel and a sense of adventure because the best way to do so is while skydiving. Cabo Skydive has years of experience, and their expert instructors have jumped thousands of times. In their safe hands, you’ll be ready to soar to new heights and take a dive over the crystal blue waters. For a VIP experience, you can even land on the famous Lovers’ Beach. Of all the adventurous things to do in Cabo, skydiving combines both the tranquil beauty of stunning views with all the adrenaline of the best extreme sports.

Bungee Jumping

Feel your heart rush and your body fly when you step off the gondola over the rugged canyons of Cabo, and with the bungee cord and team from Wild Canyon supporting you, you’ll be safe as you bungee jump. Before you take the dive, you’ll be transported into the middle of the canyon on a glass-bottomed gondola, one of the best Cabo activities all on its own. However, these adventurous things to do in Cabo and extreme sports aren’t just about getting a thrill; safety is the number one priority for these companies. Before you go bungee jumping, the Wild Canyon guides will teach you how to participate safely and show you their technology and equipment that surpasses safety requirements.


If you’re looking for free things to do in Cabo that will take you on an adventure, go mountain climbing and explore the landscape of the Baja Peninsula on a hike. There are several self-guided hikes where you can encounter the natural flora and fauna and breath-taking views of the desert mountains. While mountain climbing is one of the best free things to do in Cabo, scheduling a hike with Cabo Outfitters will show you where to go and is incredibly helpful if you’re unfamiliar with the area. 

Scuba Diving

One of the Cabo activities that draws athletes from around the globe is scuba diving. With several PADI-certified companies, this is one of the most popular and unique things to do in Cabo San Lucas. Manta Scuba offers certified divers the opportunity to dive to underwater sandfalls and for other travelers to get PADI certification. People who want to discover the wonders of diving can take a beginner’s course with Cabo Adventures. Underneath the surface of the water, massive schools of tropical fish dance in the current and larger mammals like dolphins and sea lions play in the surf. Only by scuba diving can you get up close to these incredible sights. 

Swimming With Sharks

One of the unique things to do in Cabo San Lucas is swimming with sharks in the open water. Witnessing these magnificent creatures will fill you with awe and of course some adrenaline, but the pros with Cabo Shark Dive will help you overcome any fears as you dive safely with blue sharks, silky sharks, and smooth hammerheads. One of the gentlest breeds of sharks is the whale shark, who poses no threat to humans, preferring to filter feed on small fish. One of the best Cabo activities is snorkeling with whale sharks, and Cabo Adventures will teach you about these gentle giants and their conservation before you dive in.

Whether you head out for a day of mountain climbing or head to the sea for scuba diving, these activities will show you a different side of Cabo San Lucas, and some of these are even free things to do in Cabo. Taking a ride on the wild side will give you a vacation like no other and incredible memories--some of the best souvenirs! 

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