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Things You Need for a Wedding

WEDDINGS | Published on 02/06/2021
Optimizada list of things needed for a wedding

Even for couples feeling overwhelmed and asking themselves “What do you need for a wedding?”, destination wedding planning is simple at Villa del Arco Cabo. Every year, couples tie the knot here at the resort, and the staff and on-site wedding planners have the experience needed to take the stress of planning off your shoulders. They’ll help you arrange all the things you need for a wedding, from photography services to table arrangements, and as you browse the all inclusive wedding packages, you’ll see just how affordable all this can be.

A Date and Venue

At the top of the list of things needed for a wedding is the venue, and to reserve one, you’ll need a date. While some couples know exactly when they want to say “I do,” others might feel overwhelmed by trying to find the perfect date for everyone. The wedding planners at Villa del Arco have organized hundreds of Cabo San Lucas weddings, so even if you’re not sure exactly when you want your wedding to be, they can help you choose a date to reserve the elegant and naturally beautiful resort.

All Inclusive Wedding Packages

While you might have a perfect vision of your beach wedding already dancing in your head, your Villa del Arco Cabo wedding planner can also help you sort through their all inclusive wedding packagesto figure out which different things you need for a wedding. The best part of each package is that their services are included for no extra charge. Your planner will also work with your budget to make sure you get more than you imagined while leaving room for things that aren’t included, like your dress and rings.

Wedding Planning Services

Once you’ve decided on your date and package, the Villa del Arco wedding planning services will help you check things off your list of things needed for a wedding. After talking plans over with you for what you need for a wedding, they’ll do the work to contact the resort chefs, local florists, and DJs to make sure everything falls into place, and with their connections, you’ll get the best in the business and exclusive deals. Having them organize all this for Cabo San Lucas weddings takes the stress of planning off of couples from all over the world, and on the day of your wedding, they’ll be the ones making sure everything is in place and answering guests' questions so that you can relax and get all dressed up.

Food and Drinks

Villa del Arco Cabo is known for its delicious restaurants serving everything from fine cuts of steak to fresh seafood and sizzling tacos. The chefs prepare delicious menus for weddings, and for the resort’s Cabo San Lucas weddings, couples will choose three-course menus, select a delicious wedding cake, and treat their guests to an international premium bar during cocktail hour and the reception. Having all this in a wedding package and being able to coordinate it all through your wedding planner makes preparing for your big day easy.

Flowers and Decor

With the natural beauty of the beach, Cabo San Lucas weddings don’t need much decor. However, personal touches will make your day unique, and every wedding needs at least some flowers. Your wedding planner can help you think through the list of things needed for a wedding to figure out what should be purchased in Cabo and what you should consider bringing with you, especially if you’re wanting to DIY some of your own personal touches. They’ll also help you find the right blooms for your bouquet, boutonniere, and decor, whether you’re wanting white roses, tropical blooms, or simple greenery.

Officiant and Order of Ceremony

One of the most important things you need for a wedding is an officiant, and when you’re having a destination wedding, your local minister may not be able to travel. While some couples have a close friend or family member who can offer wisdom and is comfortable with public speaking, the wedding packages at Villa del Arco can also provide you with an officiant. They’ll help you plan out the right order of ceremony, incorporating both your religious views and cultural backgrounds. With your wedding planner, they’ll make the day unified and romantic. 

When you start to ask yourself “What do you need for a wedding?”, it can quickly feel overwhelming, but with the all inclusive packages and wedding planning services of Villa del Arco Cabo, everything will feel a little simpler and smoother. From finding the right package to giving you the cue to walk down the aisle, your wedding planner will be there every step of the way.

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