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Tips on How Save Money on your Wedding

WEDDINGS | Published on 04/05/2021
Optimizada wedding planning checklist

As you start making plans to say “I do,” you’ll see how quickly the costs can add up, and before you break the budget, spend time exploring ideas for how to save money on a wedding. Without losing any of the elegance and romance, you can use simple wedding budget tips to save money, and with an affordable wedding, you’ll have room left over for your honeymoon or savings.

Pick an Off-Season Date

One of the first ways to save money on weddingplanning is choosing your date. Weekends in the summer are the most popular dates, and venues increase their prices then. As you browse locations for an affordable wedding, find out about having the wedding in the fall or even on a Friday night.

Limit Your Guest List

One of the key wedding budget tips is to know how many are on your guest list, and while you’ll want to share your love story with everyone you know, limiting the number of guests is perhaps the biggest way to save money on wedding plans. With your partner, make a plan for who to invite, and stick with it. You can also consider whether or not to invite kids to the wedding, which can incur extra costs on activities and entertainment for them.

RSVP Online

One of the more modern wedding planning tips is to create a wedding website with online RSVPs. A wedding website keeps all the information in one place, and with online RSVPs, you won’t have to include paper ones with stamps in your invitations. You won’t have to worry about RSVP cards getting lost in the mail, and it’s also a great way to make your wedding a little more environmentally friendly.

Watch for Deals on Social Media

When you start planning early, you’ll have plenty of time to watch for sales and ways to save money on wedding purchases. Follow dress shops, caterers, photographers, and florists on social media to get direct information on when to buy and how to save money on a wedding. Booking with them early around Black Friday and holiday sales will help you take advantage of cheap wedding ideas.

Hire a Up-and-Coming Photographer

For an affordable wedding, don’t just book the first big name in photography. Take time to browse social media to find new photographers who have solid portfolios. When you meet with them, ask if you can view any full galleries or get references from couples they’ve worked with before.

Go Green

Flowers add natural beauty to a wedding, but they aren’t cheap. When it comes to how to save money on a wedding, limiting flowers is a good place to start, but with natural greenery, you can still have that burst of beauty with fewer flowers. Decorating with greenery is one of the best wedding planning tips that will save money and align with popular minimalist trends.

Design a Signature Cocktail

For an affordable wedding, consider other options than an open bar. Instead, serve a couple signature drinks during cocktail hour, and then limit the bar to wine and beer during the reception. This is one of the best wedding budget tips that allows you to still have fun cocktails without having a full open bar. 

Bundle your Purchases with Wedding Packages

Event venues, photographers, florists, and others in the wedding business often work together to create discounted wedding packages that give you more for your money and bring in more business for all of them. Bundling your purchases this way will also save you time on finding different vendors for your wedding.

DIY Party Favors

When you start to DIY, you’ll find lots of cheap wedding ideas, especially for wedding favors. To save money, you can also create tasty treats, boxes of chocolates, or mini bottles of alcohol. Doing this yourself will save money, and you won’t have to pass out late-night food.

Cheap wedding ideas don’t have to be obvious or tacky, and by purchasing wedding packages or having online RSPVs, you’ll still have all the romance and details you’ve been dreaming of. Start using these wedding planning tips early to take advantage of sales and avoid fees on rushed orders.

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