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Coronavirus 2022 Update in Cabo San Lucas

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 25/01/2021
Optimizada covid travel restrictions 2021 updates in cabo san lucas mexico

As vaccines are dispensed around the world, people are once again booking flights and jetting off to the beach, and because the number of COVID cases in Cabo San Lucas have remained low, it continues to be a top destination in Mexico. In the days leading up to your vacation, it’s important to stay alert to any new COVID-19 updates. While the current Mexico travel advisory urges visitors to respect the country’s rules and policies regarding preventive measures, the country remains open to visitors. However, the new travel restrictions update from the Canadian government and the CDC Coronavirus update from the US both require an extra step for those entering Canada and the United States, but with the help of the Villa del Arco Los Cabos staff, you’ll be able to protect your health throughout your vacation and be prepared for your return home.

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe to Visit Now?

First-time visitors typically want to know is Cabo San Lucas safe, but the answer now revolves more around the number of Cabo San Lucas coronavirus cases and preventive protocols. Thanks to the swift response of local government and business leaders, the number of COVID cases in Cabo San Lucas has remained low, and safety measures based on the advice of world health experts, such as the CDC travel guidelines, are being implemented throughout town. At Villa del Arco, sanitation protocols have been increased, and some services, like valet parking, have been temporarily suspended, and other areas, like the fitness center and restaurants, have been modified to protect both visitors and staff. For those wondering “Is Cabo San Lucas safe to visit?”, seeing these safety measures implemented in the resort and around town will reassure them that their health and the safety of the local community are being prioritized. 

Do I Need a COVID Test to Travel to Mexico?

No. Currently, there are no Mexico travel restrictions requiring COVID testing before entering the country. Officials do, however, ask that all travelers and citizens adhere to suggested COVID protocols, such as those in the CDC travel guidelines. This includes wearing a mask, adhering to temperature checks, and maintaining your distance from others. Together, these actions will help protect the global community.

What is the Latest Travel Restrictions Update for Canadians?

The current Mexico travel advisory reminds visitors to use caution and practice social distancing as they follow all local policies, and for many Canadians, the low number of COVID cases in Cabo San Lucas makes it the ideal spot for escaping from frigid northern winds. In response to the growing number of travelers, Canada has announced new COVID-19 updates, requiring both citizens and foreigners to present negative COVID test results before entering the country. It must be a molecular polymerase chain reaction (or PCR) test administered within 72 hours of the traveler’s departing flight. The Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu, reminds travelers that this new travel restrictions update is in addition to the previously mandated 14-day quarantine: “Starting on January 7, we will require travellers coming to Canada to test negative for COVID-19 before boarding their flight. The 14-day quarantine will also remain in place. We can all work together to save lives. Stay in Canada and follow public health guidelines to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community.”

Do I Need a COVID Test to Enter United States Territory?

Yes, according to the recent CDC Coronavirus update, all passengers, age 2 and up, must present proof of a negative COVID test to enter United States territory beginning January 26, 2021. The CDC travel guidelines specifically state that all passengers, foreign or citizen, must present Viral COVID test results (Antigen or NAAT) before being allowed to board a flight into the US. Alternatively, those passengers that have recently tested positive for COVID and who have completed the necessary quarantine, may present documentation of recovery at the airport, which includes documentation of a positive COVID test, along with a letter from a professional healthcare provider stating that the passenger is cleared for travel. There are no specific Mexico travel restrictions issued by the country, but the COVID test to enter United States territory does apply to all passengers from around the world, including from Mexico. The new CDC Coronavirus update is one more effort to ensure travelers remain safe during their vacations.

How can I get a Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus Test?

While the new policies do add an extra step for Canadians and Americans to return home from their beach vacations, getting a Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus test is quick and easy for guests at Villa del Arco Cabo San Lucas. The staff at the resort will assist guests through the testing process by orienting them at check-in with all the pertinent information they need and directing them to the appropriate testing sites. For guests who receive a positive test result, the resort has protocols in place for a safe and secure quarantine and they will honor the original booking rate should guests choose to remain at Villa del Arco during their quarantine process. Recently, Grupo Aeropuerto del Pacifico (the Pacific Airport Group) announced that each of their 12 airports, including the airport that services Los Cabos, will now have a temporary, on-site laboratory that will administer COVID-19 testing for passengers requiring it.

No matter what the latest COVID-19 updates are, Villa del Arco Los Cabos is ready to respond and protect the wellbeing of guests and employees. Their safety measures are designed to protect your health and keep the local community secure, and during your stay, abiding by the policies and guidelines of the Mexico travel advisory will make your vacation worry free.

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