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How to Make a Photo Frames

LIFESTYLE | Published on 04/06/2020
Optimizada how to frame a photo

One of the best ways to decorate your home is by hanging photo frames with snapshots from your favorite vacations and with your favorite people. Custom photo frames give your space the exact feeling you want, but it can be hard to find cheap photo frames. By learning how to make photo frames, you’ll be able to create a signature style and display all your favorite photos. This DIY photo frame is easy enough for kids to try and stylish enough for adults as well. So whether you’re making a craft together as a family or on your own, this photo frame video will show you everything you need to know for how to frame a photo.

Materials for a DIY Photo Frame

  • 13 wooden craft sticks

  • Glue or liquid silicone

  • Watercolor paints

  • A thick paint brush

  • Puffy paints to decorate

  • Your favorite photo

How to Make Photo Frames

With the simple directions in this photo frame video, you can quickly make a cute frame with just a few basic materials. 

  • To make the base for these simple and cheap photo frames, lay seven craft sticks out flat, side by side.

  • To hold them together, glue one craft stick across the top of those seven, tip to tip. Then, glue one to the bottom in the same way.

  • Place glue on the two ends of another craft stick, and glue it to the ends of the top and bottom sticks on the far sides, creating a third layer. Do this again with another craft stick on the other side. This new layer should lay parallel to the base layer.

  • Add a final layer to the top and bottom of your DIY photo frame by glueing on two more craft sticks perpendicular to the base layer. 

  • On the back, glue another stick perpendicular to the first seven a short way from the top. This gives you a ledge to hang the frame on a hook or to prop it up.

  • With glue, seal the bottom end of the frame.

  • Once the glue is dry, paint the front and sides of your frame in a solid color as a base.

  • For custom photo frames, use puffy paints to write or decorate the frame however you want. If you’re not sure how to decorate it, follow the video or browse the internet for some unique photo frame ideas.

  • Once the paint is dry, insert your favorite photo.

  • You can either add a craft stick to the back to support the frame or hang it on the wall.

Hanging Photo Frames

Once you’ve learned how to make photo frames, there are several options for hanging photo frames to display your memories. Because these cheap photo frames are easy to make, you can create a gallery wall filled with different pictures. To bring unity to all the different frames, use just a couple different base colors and keep the designs fairly similar. Another fun idea for how to frame a photo is to turn your crafts into photo frame ornaments. To make photo frame ornaments, simply glue a small loop of string onto the back of the frame. These photo frame ideas let you surround yourself with your favorite memories, but they’re also great ideas for gifts, too!

Whether you make photo frame ornaments, a gallery wall of custom photo frames, or a single frame for your favorite snapshot, this photo frame video is simple to follow, and with an afternoon spent crafting, you’ll be able to let your imagination play while being productive. Learning how to frame a photo and seeing your favorite pictures all around you will make being at home feel extra warm and cozy, and if you’re looking for a heartfelt gift, these photo frame ideas let you share memories with your loved ones. 

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