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Everything you Need to Know Before Buying Plane Tickets

LIFESTYLE | Published on 21/06/2021
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As you start planning a vacation, dreaming about lazy days on the beach and leisurely meals at sunset is so exciting, but when it comes time to start booking your travel plans, figuring out how to buy plane tickets and get the best flight deals can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of online options for where to buy plane tickets, each one claiming to have the best price, so it’s hard to know which discount airline tickets really are the best. However, there are a few tricks that will help you feel confident before buying plane tickets.

Find out Where to Buy Plane Tickets

There are two main options for where to buy plane tickets: a third-party travel search site or an airline’s webpage. These travel search sites allow you to easily compare the best flight deals from multiple different airlines, but if you purchase discount airline tickets from them, be aware that they may not be as helpful when it comes to delays, missed flights, or cancelations. Buying directly from the airline will give you the best customer service should there be a change in your travel plans.

Browse Destinations

If you’re open to different destinations, you’re more likely to find the best flight deals. For instance, browsing multiple destinations in Mexico will help you find which city has the cheapest flights. You can also explore the option of flying into a nearby destination and taking a bus or train to the main city you’re visiting. As you do your research on these destinations, you’ll also find out when their low season of tourism is, which will likely be the best time to buy plane tickets if you’re looking for a deal.

Sign Up for Notifications

When you know exactly where you want to go, sign up for alerts to find the best time to buy plane tickets. You can set these notifications with travel search engines or directly with airlines. Once there’s a discount on the flight you’re looking for, you’ll get an email and have a chance to get the best flight deals.

Watch for Inclusions

One of the most important reminders about how to buy plane tickets is to read the fine print. The cheapest ticket options with most airlines will cover the bare minimum. Things like selecting your seat or getting a checked bag will cost extra. You’ll also want to look at what sort of cancellations and changes are covered. For a small additional cost, airlines will let you purchase travel protection, and when you read the fine print, you’ll be able to decide if it’s worth it for your trip.

Use Airline Miles

Savvy travelers know that using airline miles from credit cards and loyalty programs is the best tip for how to buy plane tickets. If you’re planning on traveling often, getting a credit card that rewards you with airline miles will give you more room in your budget for other treats on vacation. Loyalty programs with certain airlines follow similar models, rewarding you for each flight you take. Having these points available will also make it easier when you want to get away quickly and can’t find any discount airline tickets.

Bundle Your Car Rentals and All Inclusive Resorts with Flights

Travel companies often work together to offer discounts on vacation packages. By bundling all inclusive resorts with flights, these companies attract more business and are able to offer significant savings. As you browse different sites, you’ll be able to find deals that combine all sorts of different car rentals, hotels, and flights. With these packages, you’ll only need to make one purchase, and you’ll be on your way.

Know When to Buy

There are all sorts of rumors and myths about the best time to buy plane tickets, many of which have been debunked. However, there are a few key rules to follow. Don’t purchase tickets more than six months in advance. At this point, airlines will most likely still be changing departures and layovers, so you might not end up with what you booked. For international flights, book your travel two-three months in advance, and for domestic flights, make your purchase at least a month ahead of time.

Whether you’re looking for all inclusive resorts with flights or just a basic plane ticket, it’s important to do a little research into how to make these purchases so that you feel confident and find the best choice for your vacation.

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