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What Not to Do at a Destination Wedding

WEDDINGS | Published on 12/09/2019
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Most people only get to attend a Mexico destination wedding once or twice in their lives. The best destination weddings are a loving combination of a wedding celebration and a family vacation. As everybody checks in to the same hotel and goes on adventures together, the wedding experience becomes less about a ceremony and more about celebrating family and love. As you plan your own destination wedding or pack your bags to be a guest, there are a few things you should never do at weddings, particularly destination weddings.

For the Bride: Don’t Forget the Legal Documents

In all the rush of choosing between destination wedding locations and sending out invitations, don’t forget your marriage certificate. If you choose a Mexico destination wedding, you also have the option of getting legally married in Mexico, a unique way to commemorate the date and place. To do so, you’ll need to bring any originals and copies of your birth certificates, divorce or a death certificate if widowed, and your tourist visa which you’ll receive at the airport. Start planning early since some of these documents may need to be notarized by the state that issued them. Working with a wedding planner is one of the best destination wedding ideas because they will likely have experience with international couples getting married in Mexico. They can help walk you through all the necessary steps to get a Mexican marriage license.

For the Guest: Don’t Feel Obligated to Bring a Gift

Most brides understand that having a Mexico destination wedding means friends and family will have to ask for time off of work, purchase plane tickets, and reserve a hotel room in order to be present for the ceremony. Because of this, gifts are less expected at a destination wedding. However, it’s still polite to bring a card or give a monetary gift if you would like. One of the things you should never do at weddings in a foreign country is to bring a large vacuum or microwave that the happy couple will then have to haul back home.

For the Bride and Groom: Don’t Forget to Consider the Weather

Most destination wedding locations are romantic with sunny weather and dazzling sunsets. However, even the wind and sun in paradise can make guests uncomfortable during the ceremony. Be prepared for an ocean breeze and select bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen attire that won’t be flapping in the wind or causing your loved ones to sweat profusely. While loose curls are a popular romantic trend, an up-do is one of the destination wedding ideas that will keep your hair out of your face as you say “I do.” If you’re planning on having candles outside, modern battery-operated ones can look just as authentic and lifelike without flickering out in the wind. The best destination weddings are usually at sunset, but during the summer, the sun may not set until eight or nine o’clock, so be prepared with personalized wedding sunglasses and programs that can act as fans if the air is warm.

For the Guest: Don’t Discuss the Wedding with Friends who Weren’t Invited

One of the things you should never do at weddings in your hometown or in Mexico is discuss the day with friends who weren’t invited. Most brides face the tricky situation of choosing who all they can invite, and some friends and family won’t be able to make it to destination wedding locations because of time or finances. Going on and on about how excited you are for the big day or sending lots of photos to those who weren’t invited or can’t make it adds a sour note to a very important day.

Lots of planning and preparations go into the best destination weddings, but it’s still easy to overlook simple details or feel unsure of what to do when you arrive. These destination wedding ideas will help you be prepared to kick off your shoes and celebrate love, commitment, and a lifetime of happiness.

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