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Los Cabos for couples - Turn up the romance on vacation

WEDDINGS | Published on 22/07/2019
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While the ocean breeze and gently swaying palm branches at sunset inspire love in Cabo San Lucas, putting a little thought into how to turn up the romance on vacation will sweep your partner off their feet. Turn your dreams and ideas for a romantic escape in Los Cabos into a reality by adding in a touch of surprise and making the most of each day of your romantic vacation. If you try out some of these different romance styles, you’ll experience something new and just might feel your heart skip a beat on a romantic evening in Cabo San Lucas.

Book A Surprise Day Date

While your Cabo romantic trip is sure to include some of the many exciting activities and tours the city offers, booking an adventure as a surprise gift for your partner is a fun way to turn up the romance on vacation and add a touch of magic to your date. Whether you prefer snorkeling through the sea or horseback riding on the beach, the tours here appeal to a variety of different romance styles and interests. Planning out the perfect afternoon with a unique adventure for your partner communicates how deeply you know and love them. 

Indulge In A Sensual Spa Afternoon

When it comes to ideas for a romantic escape in Los Cabos, nothing is more sensual than spending a day indulging at the spa. Cabo San Lucas has world-class spas that combine traditional healing with modern techniques to offer couples’ massages and body treatments that will have you and your partner feeling pampered and rejuvenated on your romantic vacation. With relaxed muscles and the warm scent of body scrubs lingering on your skin, you’ll be ready for a romantic evening in Cabo San Lucas of dancing the night away or unwinding in your luxurious resort suite. 

Remember The Magic With A Romantic Gift

Even after your tan lines fade, make your Cabo romantic trip memorable by picking up a locally-crafted gift for you partner. As you stroll through the Cabo marina, you’ll find shops with artisanal silver jewelry, hand-crafted leather goods, and beautiful Mexican pottery. The gift you choose doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should capture the spirit and culture of Los Cabos so that every time you look at your turquoise bracelet or take a drink from your brightly-painted mug, you’ll be transported back to your romantic vacation on the sunny shores of Mexico.

Watch The Sunset With A Romantic Dinner On The Beach

One of the most classic ideas for a romantic escape in Los Cabos is a candlelit romantic dinner on the beach at sunset. The resorts in Cabo San Lucas are located on some of the best shorelines where you can take in a panoramic view of the sunset from the patios and dining rooms each night of your Cabo romantic trip. The friendly resort staff can also help you arrange a secluded table away from the restaurant and closer to the shoreline for a more private romantic evening in Cabo San Lucas. As you sip a glass of wine and sink your toes into the sand, enjoy slowing down to savor a meal and relax in the company of your partner. 

To have a dreamy getaway in Mexico, make the most of every day in Los Cabos by turning up the romance on vacation with these special touches. From shopping for souvenirs to enjoying a romantic dinner on the beach, making plans to give your partner an incredible trip communicates how much you value your relationship and your willingness to try different romance styles and adventures. 

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