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The Perfect Outfit for a Beach Wedding

WEDDINGS | Published on 17/04/2020
What to wear to a beach wedding

For many people, the typical summer calendar includes a wedding or two, but for most people, getting an invitation for a destination beach wedding is a rare treat. While you probably know how to dress for a typical church wedding, planning out what to wear to a beach wedding is a little trickier. With these outfit ideas for a beach wedding, you’ll feel confident packing your bag and jetting off to the ceremony.

Wedding Dresses for Brides

Shopping for wedding dresses for beach weddings narrows down what sort of gowns to try on. Since you’ll be walking down an aisle of sand, choose something flowing and easy to walk in. A tight mermaid dress or heavy ball gown will weigh you down, so try on more free flowing wedding dresses for beach weddings. Simple accessories and a touch of lace will give the dress an understated elegance. However, be careful if you’re thinking about lots of layers of tulle for wedding dresses for beach weddings since they can catch a lot of sand between the layers. When it comes to what shoes to wear to a beach wedding, many brides opt for strappy sandals, simple wedges, espadrilles, or even just foot jewelry.

Casual Beach Wedding Outfits for Women

With the sun and the sand, the majority of beach weddings are casual affairs, and many women choose beach wedding outfits similar to what they would wear elsewhere. Sundresses are the perfect choice, but remember to choose sturdy material that won’t blow around in the ocean breeze. Tropical colors and subtly playful prints are fun choices for what to wear to a beach wedding that add to the festive occasion, and if you’re worried about feeling chilly at sunset, pashminas are the perfect additions to any beach wedding dresses. When it comes to what shoes to wear to a beach wedding, stilettos are never the best option. Dressy wedges or sandals will help you smoothly navigate the sand.

Formal Beach Wedding Dresses for Women

While you don’t want to outshine the bride, some beach weddings are elegant affairs with black-tie dress requirements. When it comes to how to dress for a beach wedding and still be formal, the key is in the materials. Choosing silk, lace, or linen adds elegance to any dress, and some subtle sparkle is the perfect touch to beach wedding dresses. Long maxi dresses are also lightweight but elegant options for how to dress for a beach wedding, but as you browse outfit ideas for a beach wedding, keep in mind that it’ll likely be warm and breezy, so stay away from heavy sleeves, velvet, or other materials that will make you sweat.

Casual Beach Wedding Attire for Men

When it’s not a black-tie event, men can loosen their ties and opt for more colorful fabrics. A standard option for beach wedding attire for men is a button-up shirt with colored chinos or linen slacks. For some weddings, printed or golf shorts are also appropriate options, but check with the bride and groom before making such a casual decision. For casual weddings, what shoes to wear to a beach wedding never includes plastic flip flops. While men can wear sandals, they should opt for leather options.

Men Formal

How to dress for a beach wedding that’s formal is fairly similar to any other one, but formal beach wedding attire for men isn’t limited to a traditional suit and tie. Mix things up with a linen jacket to keep you cool. You can also find formal beach wedding outfits with bright colors or patterns mixed in. Choosing a tropical tie or pocket square or even opting for a colored suit are two great outfit ideas for a beach wedding that are playful but still classy. 

What to wear for a beach wedding doesn’t have to be complicated. Play with bright colors, but remember to choose materials that will keep you cool without flying in the wind. One of the most important things to remember about what to wear to a beach wedding is sunblock. Apply the lotion 20 minutes before the ceremony, and you’ll wake up in the morning with beautiful memories instead of toasted tan lines.

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