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Ideas for Beach Wedding Hairstyles

WEDDINGS | Published on 06/05/2022
Optimizada bridal hairstyle

Whether you’re the bride-to-be, a guest of honor, or simply attending a destination wedding, knowing which beach wedding hairstyles to choose can make getting ready for the day easier and the event more enjoyable. Not only will you look amazing, but picking beach hairstyles will help you keep you cool, looking put together, and ready for all fun and magical moments to come. In addition to beach wedding ideas, the following guide to wedding hairstyles will give you the information you need to make the right decision for your, or someone else’s, big day.

The Best Bridal Hairstyle for the Beach

No matter where you say “I do,” your choice of bridal hairstyle should be reflective of both your surroundings and the style of your dress. The following beach wedding ideas would work for wedding hairstyles for long hair and short. 

  1. Tousled Waves: Beach hairstyles are often thought of as off-the-shoulder hairdos, but more and more brides are opting for romantic curls and tousled waves that match the serene settings of destination weddings. 

  2. Elegant Braids: Whether your bridal hairstyle pulls all your hair back into a beautiful braid or just part of it, this is a timeless way to look perfect on your big day. 

  3. A Low Pony or Twisted Knot: There are a million ways to bring your hair to the back of your neck in a way that looks stunning and elegant, and it doesn’t matter if you have long hair or short, either will work for the beach hairstyles you’ve been dreaming about.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

  1. A Statement Bun: Among the best beach wedding ideas is a statement bun that keeps your hair off your shoulders and out of your face. Beach settings often come with an ocean breeze and a bit of heat, which might mess up your look as time passes. This is one of the best beach wedding hairstyles for women with long, flowing locks because the bun will have enough volume to look full and stunning. 

  2. A High Pony: One of the trendiest wedding hairstyles for long hair at the current moment is a high pony. It’s a sleek look that will keep your hair off your neck and cool throughout the ceremony and reception. 

  3. A Messy Bun: The messy bun has become an icon in the boho chic world and it is among the best beach hairstyles because even if the gentle ocean breeze moves your hair around a little bit, it will continue to look incredible.

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

  1. Half Up: If you’re looking for wedding hairstyles for short hair, the half-up option is always a winner. Keep some of your hair down in tousled waves and the rest up in a twist, braid, or flip. 

  2. A Sleek Bob: If you have really short hair, keeping it straight and pinned on one side is a great way to look sleek and stunning throughout the event. Pair it with the perfect statement earrings. 

  3. A Low Bun: Sometimes slicked-back low buns make the best wedding hairstyles for short hair. They add a sense of sophistication to any dress and can be styled up with diverse hair accessories. Choose what you like and watch your wedding hairstyles go from sleek to chic.

Beach Wedding Hair Accessories

  • Flower Crowns: Of all the beach wedding hair accessories, a flower crown is among the most beautiful. When done well and with flowers from the region, it can add to the beauty of your ensemble and add a bit of symbolism to your day. 

  • A Single Blossom: If you’re going with an up-do, adding a single flower blossom can really elevate your look. If you’re going with this option, make sure it’s strategically placed and secured well so that it lasts all night long.

  • A Statement Clip: Adding a statement piece to a less extravagant bridal hairstyle is a great way to add elegance and distinction to your look.

  • Ribbon and Delicate Flowers: Make your wedding hairstyles unique by adding a subtle ribbon and a few small flowers. You can choose a color that complements your bridal party or you can opt for natural hues for boho-chic beach wedding hairstyles.

  • Headband: Sometimes at a beach wedding hair accessories are a must. The beachy breeze can blow your hair into your face, preventing you from getting the pictures you desire, which is why a headband can become your best friend. Use it as a statement piece or to add an elegant touch to your hairdo.

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