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Los Cabos - Second Mexican Destination to Obtain "Safe Travels Stamp" From WTTC

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 30/06/2020
Optimizada los cabos received the safe travel stamp from wttc

Los Cabos Mexico has been a favorite destination for travelers from around the world for years, but with the recent Coronavirus pandemic, even long-time travelers to Cabo have been wondering is it safe to travel to this popular Mexican destination. While the virus continues to have a presence all over the world, the World Travel and Tourism Council has shed new clarity on the issue of is Los Cabos safe now. As a leader in the travel industry, this council has given Los Cabos the Safe Travels seal, its official stamp of approval, in recognition of the hygiene, sanitation, and prevention measures the city has implemented in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to early preventative measures, including the closure of resorts and beaches, the virus had only a small impact on the health of Los Cabos Mexico. While there were cases, the city has moved past the peak of the pandemic and is ready to welcome travelers back to this popular Mexican destination. To continue to protect the city, resorts and businesses are only allowed to reopen if they follow the government’s guidelines for safety and sanitation. These businesses are operating at limited capacity so that travelers and employees can maintain a healthy distance from each other. Like many other popular tourist destinations in Mexico, Cabo is also implementing new disinfectant and cleaning protocols in addition to placing hand sanitizer throughout their facilities. Because travelers around the world have been asking is Los Cabos safe, the city has been working tirelessly to implement the best preventative measures, setting an example for other Mexico destinations.

These efforts stand out among Mexico travel destinations and have caught the attention of the World Travel and Tourism Council. This organization is made up of members from around the world in the private sector of the travel industry. One of the organization’s priorities is safe and secure travel, and as much as they would love to see the industry’s economy start booming again in Mexico destinations and around the world, they’ve made health their number one priority, assuring travelers who are wondering is it safe to travel yet. To encourage businesses in the industry to prioritize health, they’ve created a Safe Travels seal to recognize those that have created protocols for preventing the spread of the virus that align with the advice from world health experts. Cabo is only one of two Mexico travel destinations to earn this recognition.

Los Cabos Mexico has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, and with the Safe Travels seal, travelers don’t need to worry is it safe to travel here. While there’s always a risk of encountering the disease anywhere you go, this popular Mexican destination has become a leader in Coronavirus prevention measures. From ziplining over desert canyons to diving to the depths of the ocean, you’ll find these measures throughout the city. While you’ll still be able to enjoy all the natural beauty of Los Cabos Mexico and the comforts of the luxury resorts that make this one of the top Mexico travel destinations, you’ll likely notice some changes to the daily operations of the city. These changes are for your safety and the safety of the local community, and they won’t stop you from having the vacation of a lifetime.

Los Cabos has long been a favorite among all the popular tourist destinations in Mexico for travelers from around the world, and with this stamp of approval from the World Travel and Tourism Council, those asking is Los Cabos safe will have one more reason to book a flight here. As you browse Mexico destinations for a summer vacation, knowing the city of Cabo is actively preventing the spread of the Coronavirus will let you relax and have an incredible beach vacation.

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