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Is it Safe to Travel to Cabo San Lucas in 2022 - New Travel Updates

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 31/12/2021
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At the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is one of the most famous destinations in Mexico, giving travelers a paradise to escape to for everything from family vacations to destination weddings and spring break parties. However, the past year brought unprecedented challenges to the travel industry, leaving many wondering “Is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas?” By researching the current Mexico travel advisory and following health and safety protocols, you can safely enjoy the beaches of Cabo San Lucas once again.

What is the Current Mexico Travel Advisory?

At the beginning of the pandemic, borders were closed in many countries, but the Mexico travel advisory kept the country open even though many businesses and resorts closed their doors for a while. During that time, government and community leaders researched health and safety protocols and stayed up to date on new travel requirements. As travel resumed, the country remained open, and you won’t need proof of a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination to enter Mexico.

Is it Safe to Travel to Cabo San Lucas?

To monitor COVID-19 throughout the country, the Mexican government instituted a traffic light system, and areas with a red light have more cases, which means businesses and gatherings are restricted, while a green light means cases are low and the only restrictions are the basic health and safety protocols. To find out is it safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas, check which zone the city’s in. For many months, Cabo San Lucas has had a green light. With its warm temperatures and variety of outdoor activities, it’s easy to spend your days outside in the fresh air while practicing social distancing. To help keep the Cabo San Lucas travel advisory low, be sure to follow all guidelines and use a face mask in public spaces.

Are There New Travel Requirements for Returning Home?

While the Cabo San Lucas travel advisory doesn’t require you to present any health certification to visit, many countries have new travel requirements for people returning home. Canadian travelers will need to get a COVID-19 test before their return flight home, and unless they’re vaccinated, travelers from the US will need one as well. However, if they have proof of vaccination, they won’t have to worry about getting tested while on vacation.

When’s the Best Time to Visit Cabo San Lucas?

Because Los Cabos has received the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council, it’s one of the safest destinations for a vacation in terms of health and sanitation, and while other areas expect COVID-19 cases to rise in the winter when everyone’s struck inside, a winter vacation in Cabo San Lucas means days spent outside. Soak up the ocean breeze while paddleboarding, hiking, and kayaking, activities that allow you practice social distancing while exploring the beauty of the city. The mild temperatures and variety of activities make winter the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas. 

The Cabo San Lucas travel advisory continues to stay low, inviting travelers to once again relax along the city’s tropical beaches and immerse themselves in Mexican culture. With clear skies and mild temperatures, winter is the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas, giving people a break from the frigid northern winds that keep them inside.

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