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Training for Lifeguards in Los Cabos

NEWS | Published on 24/05/2019
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Los Cabos news 2019 is teeming with stories this month about how the city government is keeping Cabo beaches safe for all those who vacation and live in the destination. Water activities are without a doubt the most popular things to do in Cabo, which is why Cabo San Lucas swimming safety is a top priority for those who work hard to protect the lives of others. This year, as in years past, the government is ensuring that Cabo lifeguards receive the best training possible and they are working together with others to educate the public about the warning and dangers in Cabo that come with playing by the sea. With sometimes volatile water conditions, the intensive lifeguard training that has been reported in the Cabo San Lucas news is a welcomed benefit for both locals and visitors to the city.

Making waves in Cabo San Lucas news, local lifeguards recently attended the 25th water rescue seminar put on by the Los Cabos fire department in association with instructors from San Diego, California, instructors who have been partnering with the local government to improve Cabo San Lucas swimming safety for 15 consecutive years. The amount of expertise at the seminar is invaluable and covered four major topics: dangerous marine currents, water rescue techniques in dangerous waves, identifying and recovering victims, and immobilizing and rescuing victims. The main warning and dangers in Cabo are in regard to the rough waves and strong currents off the shores, making specialized training in these subjects vital to keeping Cabo beaches safe for those who want to enjoy splashing in the surf and relaxing on the shore with a margarita.

Because the city has been consistently making Cabo San Lucas swimming safety a priority, several beaches have been internationally recognized and have earned Blue Flag certification. The iconic Blue Flag title goes to beaches where education, conservation, and safety are continuously monitored and improved. While city officials hope that Los Cabos news 2019 can once again announce the beaches’ Blue Flag status, giving locals and tourists a space to safely enjoy the beauty and majesty of the sea is what’s truly important. The beaches are a public space for families to gather, children to play, and communities to enjoy.

While the lifeguards were in training, Los Cabos news 2019 alerted the public early to the fact that there would not be a strong lifeguard presence on the beaches during those days. Beachgoers were advised to take extra precautions because in the end, having highly-trained lifeguards is vital to making Cabo beaches safe for everyone. Thankfully, the public was aware of the warning and dangers in Cabo and practiced heightened safety during the week so that the lifeguards could receive the training they needed.

Safety is always good for Cabo San Lucas news and tourism, making it a popular destination for travelers from around the world who just want to kick off their shoes, take a stroll on the beach, and unwind from the stresses of daily life. To enjoy one of the safest destinations in Mexico and lazy days on the beach, make Cabo San Lucas a part of your travel plans.

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