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Clean Beaches in Cabo - Playa El Medano Receives Blue Flag Certification Once Again

NEWS | Published on 07/06/2019
Optimizada clean beaches in cabo playa el medano

Cabo Mexico is rejoicing in the recent announcement that it has obtained Blue Flag Certification once again for one of the best beaches in Mexico located at the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Medano Beach, or Playa El Medano as it is known by locals. As one of the best beaches in Cabo, Medano Beach is among the most visited in Mexico by honeymooners, spring breakers, retirees, and families. Keeping it clean and beautiful is a source of pride for the community and makes it one of the Mexico beach destinations travelers return to over and over again.

Blue Flag certification is an elite award that recognizes educational and conservation efforts made by beaches around the world, part of a program with the Foundation for Environmental Education in Denmark. When it comes to keeping beaches safe for wildlife, the organization knows educating a community is vital. From baby sea turtle releases to beach cleanups, the resorts along Medano Beach bring employees, visitors, and locals together to make it one of the best Cabo San Lucas beaches. As tourists stroll along the beach, they won’t be stepping on garbage but rather looking at information posted about the ecosystem and wildlife that call one of the best beaches in Mexico home. It’s these educational efforts in Cabo Mexico that Blue Flag certification honors.

Effective educational programs aim to make measurable changes in the environment with beachgoers leaving smaller carbon footprints on the shore. To qualify for Blue Flag certification, safety tests on the water must meet standards for sanitation and cleanliness. Instead of noticing trash tumbling across the sand and floating on the waves, you’ll see clearly marked garbage cans, separating organic and inorganic waste. This not only makes Medano Beach one of the most stunning Mexico beach destinations but also keeps the water clear. Additionally, the public restrooms have controlled sewage systems and are maintained consistently throughout the day, so you always have a clean spot to change or wash up on the best Cabo San Lucas beaches.

Because the city takes pride in being one of the top Mexico beach destinations, local businesses and resorts join in the efforts to maintain the natural beauty of the beaches in Cabo. Many resorts in Cabo Mexico have established sustainable practices, with restaurants that use reusable cups, opt for cloth napkins, and don’t serve drinks with single-use straws. Other businesses sponsor environmental groups or bring employees together for an afternoon of cleaning up the beaches in Cabo. Major resorts lower their carbon footprint through eco-friendly laundry habits, only taking towels that are left on the floor and changing sheets every three days unless otherwise requested. Over time, each of these little acts builds into a movement, keeping the best beaches in Mexico safe and beautiful for future generations of travelers.

As one of the best Cabo San Lucas beaches, the golden sands and turquoise waters at Medano Beach lure travelers from around the world to Mexico. Despite the high number of guests each year, the community and local businesses have procedures in place to preserve the flora, fuana, and marine life that call Cabo home. These conscious efforts made by the community continue to earn international notice and Blue Flag certification.

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