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5 Yoga Poses for Two People

LIFESTYLE | Published on 06/04/2020
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Most people who practice a morning yoga routine or take classes usually do so on their own, but for couples, exercising and practicing mindfulness together can add depth and closeness to relationships. There are some classes designed specifically for two person yoga poses, but you can also try an at home yoga routine that includes safe and easy yoga poses for two people. Use these recommendations and couples’ yoga poses for a unique and romantic workout.

1. Acro Yoga

Yoga for two people isn’t just a romantic workout, but it’s a serious branch of yoga that’s been around for almost 20 years. Acro yoga combines traditional yoga moves with acrobatics. In acro yoga, you’ll do many hard yoga poses for two people that require more strength and can lead to injuries. While this practice is largely based on yoga poses for two people, there’s usually a third person involved as a spotter to prevent falls. Taking an acro yoga class is a great way to start learning couples’ yoga poses or to try out hard yoga poses for two people.

2. Heart Opening Assisted, Forward Bend, and Child’s Pose with Fish Pose

For couples’ yoga poses there’s nothing more appropriate than heart-opening positions. From your seated positions, move apart and extend your legs. Individually, move into fish pose by arching your back off the ground and resting on the crown of your head. To move into some fairly easy yoga poses for two people, have one person lay on their back with knees bent, pressing into the back of the one doing fish pose. The person on top will almost be in a backbend but without such a strong arch. The person on bottom can modify this pose during your at home yoga routine by moving into forward bend or child’s pose. Join hands in any of these variations for a more emotional connection. 

3. Seated Meditation Poses

To begin a morning yoga routine with your partner, sit back to back in meditation, or lotus, pose. Begin by synchronizing your breath and setting an intention for your practice. From here, you can move into easy yoga poses for two people by twisting to look over your shoulders in the opposite directions or mirroring each other with a side bend. Even if you’re doing a simple morning yoga routine without further couples’ poses, beginning your practice this way will create a stronger connection.

4. Resistance Poses with Boat and Chair Poses

Add some resistance into your at home yoga routine through boat and chair pose. Sit facing each other in boat pose, and align your feet sole to sole. From here, grab each other’s hands and lean back, allowing the resistance to act as a counter balance. Similarly, you can add resistance and balance to chair pose by holding hands as you face each other and sit back deeper and deeper into the pose. Trying these positions during yoga for two people allows you to push yourselves further into these positions.

5. Doubled Up Poses

Some of the hard yoga poses for two people involve more balance on each other, and because this can lead to injury, you should limit what poses you try on your own without a teacher or spotter. Some of the two person yoga poses you could try at home on your own include double down dog and double plank. For double down dog, one person begins in downward facing dog. The partner puts their hands about a foot in front of the other’s and then lifts their feet onto their partner’s lower back, moving into their own downward facing dog. For double plank, one partner gets into plank position, and then the other does as well with their hands on their partner’s ankles and their feet on their partner’s shoulders. These two person yoga poses will challenge your balance but keep you close enough to the floor to prevent major injuries.

Before you try any of these positions, make sure you’re in good physical health and are familiar with the poses as individuals. As you are practicing yoga for two people, communication is key. If any pose feels uncomfortable for you or your partner, stop immediately and try a simpler pose. As you continue to practice together, consider taking an acro yoga class to move into increasingly more complex positions, and over time, you’ll see how exercising together brings you closer physically and emotionally.

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