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What to Wear in Cabo

LIFESTYLE | Published on 18/04/2022
Optimizada what to wear in cabo

To pack efficiently for any vacation, it’s important to create a list of what clothes you’ll want to wear, so rather than ending up with a bunch of outfits you never wear or running out of clean shirts, use a Cabo packing list to ensure you have everything you need. While what to wear in Cabo will depend on what activities and plans you have for your vacation, these guidelines for beach vacation outfits will have you ready to jet off to Cabo.

At The Beach

Every traveler to Cabo will need a few beach vacation outfits for relaxing on the warm sands and splashing along the shore. You’ll likely want to include two swimsuits on your beach packing list so that you have plenty of time to allow each one time to dry out. To get to the beach, pack some sandals and a coverup, which can also act as sun protection. Keep in mind that Cabo outfits aren’t complete with sunblock and sunglasses to protect you from the sun’s rays.

Out To Dinner

When you’re making your beach packing list, consider what to wear in Cabo at night when you go out to dinner. While there are plenty of casual dining spots where you can wear what you’ve worn during the day, you may want to dress up a bit for nicer dinners. Lightweight dresses and linen pants are stylish options for dinner, and if you’re traveling in winter, include a shawl or light jacket to pair with your Cabo outfits for the brisk evening air.

Outdoor Activities

Cabo offers endless adventures in the rugged mountains and deserts surrounding the city, and because you’ll be active in the warm weather, you’ll want some athletic wear for these activities. On your Cabo packing list include clothes that can get dirty while ATVing or that you can sweat in while hiking.

Ocean Excursions

Some of the best tours in Cabo take you out to sea for whale watching, snorkeling, and sailing, and if you have one of these excursions planned, be sure to factor it into your beach packing list. For a sunset cruise, pack a stylish outfit and light jacket, but for a snorkeling tour, you’ll want a swimsuit and coverup to protect your skin. If you’re heading out in the early morning breeze for whale watching in the winter, wear one of your warmer Cabo outfits.

Around Town

As an international destination, the rules about what to wear in Cabo aren’t very strict, and you’ll see all sorts of styles as you explore the city. In the warm weather, you’ll want to wear cotton or linen shirts that are breathable, and you can pair them with pants, shorts, or skirts. If you’re planning on doing lots of walking, be sure to put comfortable shoes on your Cabo packing list, and to avoid blisters, don’t walk far in new sandals without breaking them in first.


Cabo is famous for its nightlife. Its clubs and bars have live music and in-house DJs all night long, and for what to wear in Cabo at night, pack clothes you can dance in. When you go out, you’ll see some dressed up in trendy dresses and shirts and others in shorts and tank tops. Because the nightlife is so varied, you can check out the clubs’ social media pages to help determine what to wear in Cabo when you go out.

Planning out your beach vacation outfits makes your packing efficient, giving you plenty of space in your suitcase to even bring home some souvenirs. By thinking through what to wear in Cabo at night and what activities you’ll be doing, you’ll be packed and ready to go.

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