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Summer Bucket List Ideas

LIFESTYLE | Published on 22/07/2022
Optimizada summer bucket list

Right before the end of the school year, parents all over the world start conjuring up fun ideas for summer, making travel plans, and thinking of all the ways they’d like to spend the best months of the year. Even those with the best of intentions often find themselves in mid-July struggling to accomplish all the summer activities they hoped to do, which is why a last-minute summer beach vacation is a great idea. Heading off to the shores of the top beach destinations is a great way to check off some of the best summer bucket list ideas, creating a summer break the whole family will love. If you’re in need of some ideas for fun things to do before the new school year starts, check out this list of cool bucket list adventures. 

1. Spend a Week at an All Inclusive Resort

Your idea of fun things to do might be very different than that of your little ones, which is why an all inclusive vacation is the perfect way to ensure everyone has a good time. These types of resorts often have summer activities for guests of all ages, and in your downtime, you can eat and drink as much as you want, so have dessert for breakfast, order the extra pizza, and grab some frozen drinks while you hang out around the pool.

2. Ride the Waves

Whether you try your hand at boogie boarding, paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, or body surfing, take some time to play in the waves on your summer beach vacation. Choose a spot where the surf is gentle and slow if you’re just learning or if you’re heading out on a summer break with little ones in tow. Those that spend time in the ocean on a regular basis rave about its ability to help you release stress and refocus. It is also one of the best summer bucket list ideas for those who have always dreamed about living and playing by the ocean.

3. Pamper Yourselves Professionally

If you’ve ever wanted a professional massage or desired a full-body treatment, but haven’t gotten around to it, now is your chance. A fun idea for the summer is to spend the day at the spa. Bring the kids along, get mini-massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures and allow yourselves to be pampered from head to toe.

4. Do Something Extreme

Take the opportunity to research fun things to do in your destination and schedule one or more of those summer activities into your plans. Zipline through the treetops, go ATVing in the desert, swim with whale sharks, or go scuba diving. The summer months are the best months of the year for getting great deals on tours in most tropical destinations because it is when the least amount of people are in town. 

5. Find Your New Favorite Flavor

One of the best summer bucket list ideas is to try new foods until you find something you absolutely love. If you’re on a beach summer vacation in a foreign country, visit the grocery store or a restaurant and pick something you’ve never tried before. It could be a new fruit, a traditional dessert, a different kind of salsa, or some sort of seafood you’ve never tasted before. Go crazy and make your summer break a culinary adventure.

6. Get Wild!

The best type of summer activities are those that get you up close with nature and the wildlife that is native to the region you're visiting. Go snorkeling, take a nature hike, swim with dolphins, or ride camels. You’ll likely find a number of wildlife encounters safely guided by experts who can help you experience the flora and fauna of your destination, one of the most fun things to do in someplace new.

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