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Learn how to dance salsa

LIFESTYLE | Published on 04/05/2020
Optimizada how to dance salsa

Whether you’re getting ready for a trip to Mexico, looking for a romantic date night, or simply wanting a fun way to exercise, salsa dance classes are easier than you might expect. When you break it down and learn how to dance salsa step by step, you can feel more confident on the dance floor. Salsa dance classes are a great way to start, but if you can’t make it to class or want a head start, you learn to dance salsa by yourself at home. With videos of simple salsa dance moves, you can learn how to become a salsa dancer in your own living room.

Salsa originated in New York City in the 1960s, but its roots are in Latin American, especially in Cuban dances like the pachanga. The first salsa dance classes were mainly amongst Puerto Ricans living in the city, but now, people all around the world learn to salsa dance every day. In Mexico, when friends and families have parties, they all start showing off their salsa dance moves as the night goes on. If you’re planning on traveling to Mexico, taking time to learn to dance salsa by yourself will help you jump on the dance floor when the music starts.

Learn How to Dance Salsa Step by Step

Salsa dancing for beginners always starts out with the basic steps. Whether you have a partner or not, you can try out these salsa dance moves at home.

  • Basic Step: The basic moves are fairly simple when you learn how to dance salsa step by step. Starting with your feet together, put one foot forward. Bring it back to the center. Then put the other foot back, and then bring it back to the center. This basic step is repeated throughout all salsa dance lessons. 

  • Side Step: As you learn to salsa dance, the next step you’ll learn is the side step. Begin by stepping one foot to the side and then bringing it back to the center. Put the other foot out to the side, and then bring it back.

  • Turns: The more advanced salsa dance lessons are about turns, but even when you try salsa dancing for beginners, you can do some simple spins. As you do the basic step, do a spin either when you go to the front or the back.

To learn to dance salsa by yourself, simply put on some music, and try these steps. As you practice and learn how to dance salsa step by step, simply try combining these moves without missing a beat. If you’re figuring out how to dance salsa with a partner, all you have to do is let your moves mirror each other. When your partner moves their foot back, move yours forward and vice versa. Without taking professional salsa dance lessons, you can start to teach yourself how to become a salsa dancer.

One of the tricks for how to become a salsa dancer is to feel the music in your hips, and for many, salsa dancing for beginners is easier in the privacy of their own home where they can get used to freely swaying their hips. While it might seem awkward at first, exaggerating your hip movements can help their swaying become second nature as you dance. 

You don’t have to be a dancer or even have a partner to learn how to salsa. With some good music and a video tutorial, you can learn to salsa dance in your own home, but don’t limit yourself to dancing alone. Once you’ve learned the basic steps, sign up for more classes or get yourself out on the dance floor at a salsa club. 

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