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How to Know if Your Sunscreen Is Killing Coral Reefs - and 3 Brands to Try Instead

LIFESTYLE | Published on 30/08/2018
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Lately, environmental news has shown that pollution in the oceans is tragically killing coral reefs and destroying the homes of the marine life living there. Some of the pollutants slowly trickling into the oceans are the chemicals in many sunscreens. As swimmers jump into the sea, their sunscreen washes away and filters into the water. Scientists who have become aware of the dangerous effect these chemicals have on coral reefs have developed the best reef safe sunscreen brands to protect you and the ever important marine life that inhabits our oceans. Knowing coral reef safe sunscreen information will help keep the sea beautiful and alive.

For humans, oxybenzone and octinoxate are chemical sunscreen ingredients that keep harmful UV rays from penetrating the skin, killing cells, and causing a burn. However, they have the opposite effect on coral reefs. These reefs, which are generally bright colors, end up bleaching to bone white under the harsh rays of the sun when they come into contact with these chemicals. As they die, the fish and wildlife that populate the reef have to go elsewhere as they struggle for survival. In recent years, massive amounts of coral reef around the world have become ghastly white and eerily deserted of life. Putting chemical sunscreen ingredients into the water is increasing this process and destroying the wonders of the world.

While you may think that just a little sunscreen on your shoulders won’t do any harm, it all adds up. Researchers can see that coral reefs just in Hawaii are exposed to 6,000 tons of sunscreen every single year. Each drop of sunblock pollutes the water with chemical sunscreen ingredients that should not be a part of the natural biodiversity in the water. To counteract this, Hawaii is planning on banning certain sunscreens in 2021 that contain harmful compounds. In addition to oxybenzone and octinoxate, read the label on your sunscreen to see if it contains any of these other destructive chemicals: homosalate, octisalate, octocrylene, avobenzone, dimethicone, parabens, BHT, nanoparticles, propylene glycol, and retinyl palmitate.

Another option to help preserve the environment is to purchase sunscreen safe for coral reefs. Badger Balm is a family-run business that is committed to creating effective sunblock powered by nature to protect the world. One of the best reef safe sunscreen brands, their rigorous standards for their products makes it safe for children, adults, and the ocean, slowing the killing of coral reefs. In addition to other natural body products, they offer kids, sports, active and daily sunscreen safe for coral reefs so that no matter when you put it on, it’ll protect your skin and the environment.

Raw Elements was founded by an ocean lifeguard who daily watched beachgoers slather on chemicals that would wash off in the ocean, killing coral reefs. This set him on a journey to create sunscreen safe for coral reefs. To further protect more of the environment, they offer some sunscreens in plastic-free packaging to reduce the amount of waste that pollutes the land and sea. Their natural sunblocks are designed with safety and nature in mind at every step of production.

Raw Love sunscreen is made using coral reef safe sunscreen information for people who love jumping into the ocean to swim, dive, or surf. With all natural ingredients, their sunscreen will protect your skin from the damaging effects of sun exposure, in addition to protecting the ocean. While they don’t offer the range of sunblock options as other best reef safe sunscreen brands, their product is both effective and safe for humans and marine life.

Having coral reef safe sunscreen information can help you make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing sunblock for your beach vacation. As you enjoy the beauty of the waves and wildlife, you’ll feel at peace knowing that you are preserving the natural state of the ocean for future generations to come and enjoy.

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