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Gift Ideas for Families Who Love to Travel

LIFESTYLE | Published on 29/11/2019
Optimizada gifts for travelers

Taking time to think of meaningful gifts that won’t just sit on a shelf or be sold on a garage sale in the summer shows your family that you know and value them. For families with unique hobbies like traveling, gifting them one of these best gifts for travelers will help them on their next adventure and will remind them of you all year long. These travel gift ideas are both practical and add a touch of fun and whimsy to any vacation. As you look for the best places to buy gifts for travelers, there are plenty of online and in-store options.

Scratch-Off World Map

One of the best gifts for travel lovers who can’t wait to explore new destinations is a scratch-off world map. These elegant posters make for great wall art and conversation starters, and as members of the family travel to foreign destinations, they can scratch off another country, revealing another part of the map. For those who are constantly jetting off to the other side of the world, this is one of the best travel gift ideas that will track and display where they’ve been.

GoPro Camera

For adventurers who climb the tallest mountains or dive into the ocean’s depths, a GoPro camera is one of the ultimate gifts for travel lovers. These cameras are waterproof and perfect for capturing high-quality action photos and videos. They’re compact and small, easy to tuck into a backpack before hitting the trails or heading out to sea. The best places to buy gifts like this are online or in a technology store, and once they’re given, you’ll be able to follow your adventurers around the world.

Waterproof Kids Camera

Cameras are one of the best gifts for travel lovers, but not all families want to carry an expensive action camera. Waterproof kids cameras put little photographers in charge of capturing memories with a durable camera that won’t be damaged when it’s dropped in the pool. If you’re shopping for families with young children, this is one of the perfect gifts for travelers that everyone will enjoy. When photos are uploaded, families and friends can laugh at the candid shots and unique angles. 

Travel-Sized Games

Anyone who has traveled knows that there are plenty of downtimes and waiting, especially as you’re traveling to your destination. Let time fly in the car or airport by gifting travel-sized games, some of the most creative travel gift ideas. The best gifts for travelers are those that are compact and don’t require electricity. Mini board and card games make waiting playful as time slips by. The best places to buy gifts like this are in game and book stores, but you can also find many options online.


Families and individuals will love relaxing with an audiobook, and like travel-sized games, these gifts for travelers can help time fly by during road trips and flights. You can purchase CD audiobooks at any bookstore, but digital options are easier for those not traveling by car. Audible is one of the leading providers of digital audiobooks with a huge selection. If you’re shopping for a family, be sure to check for age-appropriate content, and you can also find travel-themed books that will inspire their journey. Audiobooks can fit a variety of personalities, and they’re great gifts for travelers.


One of the best gifts for travelers is without a doubt a vacation. There are countless travel deals to be found on the internet, some even providing families with all inclusive vacations to the top resorts around the world. If you are looking for the ultimate gift ideas, visit resort websites where you’ll find their best holiday travel deals. 

Taking time to find the best gifts for travelers in your family shows your love and encourages them to pursue their passions. Rather than picking up a generic gift and putting money in an envelope, take time to pick out something that they’ll love and use as they travel the world.

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