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Finding the Best Souvenirs in Cabo San Lucas

LIFESTYLE | Published on 13/11/2019
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Cabo vacation souvenirs are tangible reminders of the memories you built on your holiday, the places you explored, and the cultures you encountered. Whether it’s a keychain in your pocket or a canvas painting on the wall, every time you see it you’re reminded of where you’ve been. When people ask you where it’s from, you get to say “This? I got it in Mexico!” Hunting for the best souvenirs from Cabo San Lucas is a fun way to spend an afternoon, and with these tips for places to buy souvenirs, you’ll find the perfect treasure to take home.

Mexican Pottery

Just a block from the marina, Cobalto Pottery is a visual feast. Intricate designs and bright colors fill the shop, ceramic plates, mugs, frames, and dishes waiting to brighten up your kitchen. Mexican pottery makes for some of the best souvenirs from Cabo San Lucas. Not only are they a beautiful piece of Mexican culture but these Cabo souvenirs are also practical. Cobalto Pottery is one of the best places to get souvenirs: painted boxes, piggy banks, and ceramic pottery. Stop in this unique souvenir store to choose your favorite pattern, start your Cabo coffee mug collection, or find the perfect gift.

Mexican Folk Art

Mexican folk art is as diverse and as beautiful as the country, ranging from catrina sculptures to elaborate embroideries and beaded alebrijes. Silvermoon Gallery showcases some of the top artists from across the country and their intricate designs, many of which take months to create. The gallery also has events throughout the year when artists are invited to create and share about their work. For art lovers, this is one of the must-visit places to buy souvenirs, but whether or not you leave with Cabo souvenirs, stopping in to check out the traditional folk art is a priceless experience. 

The Glass Factory

Locally-made goods are the best souvenirs from Cabo San Lucas, and The Glass Factory has been one of the top places to get souvenirs for many years. Their beautiful building is a work of art itself, and inside, you’ll find glasses, figurines, vases, and ornaments made in the factory. If you visit before 2 pm, you’ll find the factory humming with work and bright strings of glass being molded into art. Shopping at this souvenir store supports the local economy, and you’ll be sure to find a unique treasure filled with the energy of Cabo. 

Marina Flea Market

To find a little of everything, the Cabo flea market in the marina is one of the best places to buy souvenirs. Each souvenir store in the market has something different, and you’ll find booths with traditional vacation souvenirs and some with unique local art. Wandering between the stalls and hunting for treasures makes a day at the flea market fun. Since most vendors don’t accept credit cards, be sure to have cash on hand, and you’ll likely get the most for your money when shopping with pesos. Here, vacation souvenirs range from simple keychains to large pieces of artwork, and with the diverse collection of shops, everyone will be able to find a little something to take home.

Cabo souvenirs let you carry home a reminder of your holiday on the beach. Whether it’s a magnet on your fridge or an embroidered blouse, memories of seaside strolls and outdoor adventures will take you back to Mexico. When it comes to the best places to get souvenirs, these local shops offer a stunning variety of goods and designs, letting you find that perfect unique treasure that brings you joy.

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