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Cabo San Lucas Souvenirs: What to Get and Where

LIFESTYLE | Published on 24/01/2024
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Embarking on a Cabo vacation is a journey into the heart of Mexican culture, an experience that deserves to be commemorated with the best souvenirs from Cabo San Lucas. These tangible mementos serve as enduring reminders of the cherished memories woven into the fabric of your holiday—the landscapes explored, the cultures encountered, and the adventures undertaken. Each piece, whether it be a discreet keychain hanging from your keys or an impressive canvas painting adorning your wall, serves as a testament to your voyage. 

Embarking on the quest for the most distinguished Cabo vacation souvenirs becomes a delightful pursuit, and to facilitate this endeavor, we present a curated list of the best souvenirs in Cabo San Lucas, along with the recommended locales where these treasures can be found.

Mexican Pottery at Cobalto Pottery

Located a mere block from the marina, Cobalto Pottery brims with intricate designs and vibrant hues, showcasing an array of ceramic plates, mugs, frames, and dishes poised to infuse your home with brilliance. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Mexican pottery stands as a testament to the profound beauty of Mexican culture. Cobalto Pottery is one of the premier establishments for acquiring Cabo souvenirs, offering an array that includes painted boxes, piggy banks, and exquisite ceramic pottery. This unique souvenir store invites patrons to select their preferred pattern, commence a collection of Cabo coffee mugs, or discover the ideal gift.

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Mexican Folk Art at Silvermoon Gallery

A diverse collection of Mexican folk and indigenous art unfolds at Silvermoon Gallery, an establishment that boasts a unique and breathtaking array. From catrina sculptures to beaded alebrijes, the gallery showcases the talent of top artists from across the country, including those from the indigenous groups that have lived in the area for centuries. The intricate designs, some of which require months to create, serve as a testament to the depth of Mexican culture and artistic expression. For enthusiasts of art, Regardless of whether you depart with Cabo souvenirs in hand, the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of traditional folk art becomes an invaluable experience.

Hand-Blown Glass at The Glass Factory

The pinnacle of locally-crafted excellence, The Glass Factory stands as a longstanding bastion among the best souvenirs from Cabo San Lucas. Housed within a splendid architectural marvel, the factory's interior reveals a treasure trove of glasses, figurines, vases, and ornaments, all meticulously crafted within its confines. If you’re looking for a set of margarita glasses for your bar, a new vase to display in your foyer, a bowl to store your fruits, or even a new bathroom sink, you’ll find just the item at the Glass Factory. The beautiful designs, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors will provide you with conversation pieces for all your house guests to admire. 

Pro-Tip: Arrive before 2 pm to see the glass blowers in action. You’ll be able to witness the magic as they mold the glass right before your eyes. 

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An Ecclectant Array at Marina Flea Market

For those seeking an eclectic assortment of Cabo souvenirs, the Marina Flea Market emerges as one of the best places to go. Each stall within this vibrant market offers a distinctive selection, ranging from traditional vacation souvenirs to locally crafted artworks. Find trinkets for kids, jewelry for your fashionable friends, unique purses, wooden statues, indigenous arts, and so much more.

Situated in the marina, its the perfect spot to do your shopping and then spend the afternoon dining at one of the many restaurants, strolling around downtown, and taking in the unique Mexican culture that surrounds you. While visiting the flea market can be an overwhelming experience if you’re easily overstimulated, it is a fantastic place to find all the Cabo Souvenirs you need and even a number of ones you don’t. 

Pro-Tip: Bring cash and be prepared to negotiate. Many of the vendors won’t take credit cards and there is often wiggle-room on the prices.

Cabo souvenirs serve as vessels transporting the essence of your beachside holiday back home. Whether it’s a magnet stuck to your refrigerator or an embroidered blouse you’ll wear on a night out, these mementos encapsulate the memories of leisurely strolls along the shore and outdoor escapades. As you embark on the quest for the best souvenirs from Cabo San Lucas, let these local establishments be your guide, offering a breathtaking array of goods and designs to help you find that perfect, singular treasure that will continue to evoke joy and nostalgia in the years to come.

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