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Art Walk - Art Gallery District Event

EVENTS | Published on 23/01/2019
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Wine is poured into glasses, bright lights flow into the streets from shops, couples slowly meander in and out of galleries, the moon rises, and it’s just another Thursday in paradise at the San Jose del Cabo art walk. This weekly event is the hub of Los Cabos Mexico’s art scene for both locals and visitors. Attending this Art Gallery District event in San Jose del Cabo on Thursdays from 5-9pm will expose you to the depth and variety of Mexican art, give you the opportunity to meet artists and other art lovers, and show you the historic charm of San Jose del Cabo all on a fun night out on the town.

San Jose Del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo is the quieter sister of Cabo San Lucas (together they form what is known as Los Cabos Mexico) just north along the coast. With a fresh water source, it was an oasis and home for indigenous groups and a port for passing Spanish sailors in the 1700s. These sailors came from the east, carrying precious teas, silks, spices, and treasures, making them a desirable target for pirates. The city had a peaceful past as it was colonized by Jesuits who built a fort and mission there, and the city grew as people from passing warships, whaling vessels, and other boats stopped and settled. Today, as you walk through the town plaza and the streets lined with colonial-style buildings, you can feel the rich history still present in the air along the coast.

Art Walk

From November through the beginning of June, the city shuts down traffic to welcome art lovers and tourists to the San Jose del Cabo art walk. Over the years, the Gallery District has grown and birthed many high-end art studios and galleries, and established this Art Gallery District event in San Jose del Cabo to highlight the color-filled back streets just off the popular plaza. Here, you can find art galleries with jewelry with genuine Mexican gems and silver, abstract sculptures, vibrant Huichol artwork, and photography featuring the beauty of Los Cabos Mexico. With the main street closed to vehicles on Thursday nights for the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk, you can freely wander between art galleries and stop at a local restaurant to sip a glass of wine.

Special Presentations

The San Jose art walk is also the place for many cultural Cabo events during the season. Each event in San Jose del Cabo will expose you to something new in the art world and teach you about the vibrant Mexican art culture that has so many unique elements to it. Art galleries will house special exhibitions of rising local artists, openings of new collections, and “artist in attendance” events where you can meet and talk to artists, learning about their craft and culture. To find out more information about specific participants in the Art Gallery District event and to read about upcoming Cabo events and special presentations, check out the Gallery District's website.

Of all the Cabo events to choose from on your vacation, the San Jose art walk has a truly exciting atmosphere as the streets are filled with people browsing the works of famous and local artisans. Under the twinkle of the night sky, let your eyes take in all the wonders to be found tucked into the galleries of the San Jose art walk.

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