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Top 5 Mexican Drinks You Must Try

DINING | Published on 15/04/2020
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After a day on the beach or a hike through the jungle, these traditional Mexican drinks are the perfect way to cool off, and as you explore the country, sampling authentic cuisine and famous Mexican drinks will show you the rich diversity of the culture. While most people are familiar with tequila, the Mexican drinks list extends far beyond this, and there are several options if you’re looking for Mexican drinks for kids. The next time you’re traveling through Mexico, order one of these drinks and sit back with your toes in the sand.

Jamaica Water

For those looking to hydrate, there’s a number of Mexican drinks non alcoholic choicesto try. One of the most common is the jamaica Mexican drink, served everywhere from taco stands to elegant spas. Jamaica, or hibiscus, is commonly found in gardens throughout the country, and the dried leaves are easily brewed into a delicious tea to create one of the most popular Mexican drinks non alcoholic choices. The famous jamaica Mexican drink is served cold and usually sweetened. It’s one of the best sweet and refreshing Mexican drinks for kids, and you can easily mix up a pitcher of the deep purple jamaica Mexican drink at home.

Aguas Frescas

The Mexican drinks non alcoholic options are usually made from the sweet tropical fruits that are in season all year long. Fresh fruits, like pineapple, cantelope, and guava, are blended up and mixed with water for naturally sweet Mexican drinks for kids and adults called aguas frescas, fresh waters. One of the simplest yet unique Mexican beverages is an agua fresca made from lime juice and filled with chia seeds. These traditional Mexican drinks are easy to make at home and need little extra sweetener. You can also make unique combinations that are both refreshing and healthy, such as jamaica with cinnamon, strawberry with basil, and pineapple with mint. 


While tequila has made Mexican alcoholic drinks famous around the world, there are several other liquors brewed from the agave plant. Raicilla was once considered the moonshine of Mexico, but modern mixologists have turned it into a craft beverage, and you’ll find it in all sorts of Mexican beverages at bars. This single-distilled liquor is made from smoked agaves, which gives its tropical notes a smoky tint, letting it rival the best tequila in Mexico.


For some, even the best tequila in Mexico isn’t appealing, so for those looking for a smooth and sweet liquor, damiana is the perfect choice. Golden and sweet like honey, this little-known liquor is made from the damiana flower and is said to be a strong aphrodisiac. Damiana can be sipped on the rocks or mixed with other beverages for smooth Mexican alcoholic drinks. While you won’t see it on every Mexican drinks list, it’s definitely worth trying!


For some, the best cure for too many Mexican alcoholic drinks is a michelada. This beverage is similar to a bloody mary, made with clamato juice, hot sauces, Worcestershire, lime juice, and any beer of your choice. Micheladas are also one of the traditional Mexican drinks typically ordered with seafood on a warm afternoon. There are several other similar Mexican beverages: cielo rojo and chilada. Each of these famous Mexican drinks is beer based and made with tomato juice. However, the different combinations of sauces and spices earn each of these a separate spot on a Mexican drinks list. 

While most people are on the hunt for the best tequila in Mexico, there’s so many more beverages to try as you explore the country. Each of these famous Mexican drinks will refresh you after a day of adventures, and as you expand your palate, you’ll see what a diverse country Mexico is. Before returning home, grab a bottle to take with you, or simply blend your own jamaica and aguas frescas in your own kitchen to bring back memories of your Mexico vacation.

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