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Mexican Ceviche Recipe

DINING | Published on 12/03/2019
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While most people think of tacos and enchiladas when they think of Mexican food, you’ll also find incredibly fresh and juicy seafood along the country’s coasts. One of Mexico’s unique seafood dishes is ceviche made with marinated shrimp, fish, or even octopus. No matter what seafood ceviche recipe you use, you’ll be creating a mouthwatering blend of succulent meat, lime juice, chopped veggies, and spicy sauces. As you travel in Mexico, sample as many different fish ceviche recipes as you can before returning home where you can try out your own easy ceviche recipe to bring back the memories of your trip.

What makes every Mexican ceviche recipe unique is that the seafood isn’t cooked with heat. Rather, the juices and acid of limes makes the meat safe to eat. You’ll have to plan out preparing your seafood ceviche recipe ahead of time because the meat will need to soak in lime juice in the fridge for a couple hours. If you’re making a Mexican shrimp ceviche recipe, you’ll be able to see the meat turn pink just as if you were cooking it with heat, and it can be ready in an hour. For a fish ceviche recipe, you’ll need around four hours, but you’ll be able to feel the meat become more flaky as it absorbs the lime juice. If you’re nervous about using lime to cook your fish, a tuna ceviche recipe is probably your safest choice. In a tuna ceviche recipe, the fish is least likely to contain anything that will leave you feeling sick. However, if you freeze your fish beforehand and give it plenty of time to marinate, you can safely prepare any fish ceviche recipe in your own kitchen.

In addition to the meat, any Mexican ceviche recipe will need just a few simple ingredients to make it complete. Chop up regular or red onion along with tomato and cilantro to mix in with the meat and lime juice. Worcestershire sauce and chopped jalapeno will give your easy ceviche recipe a little kick. To really create the best ceviche recipe, top it all off with avocado, grated carrot, corn, or even olives. You can also combine a Mexican shrimp ceviche recipe with other seafood. Experimenting with different combinations of fish, shrimp, and octopus and with ratios of veggies will help you find your favorite seafood ceviche recipe.

You can also whip up an easy ceviche recipe for vegans and vegetarians that even fish lovers will devour. Continuing to use the basic onion, tomato, salt, and lime juice, mix up your Mexican ceviche recipe with a citrus fruit, like orange slices or sweet mango. For a veggie-packed option, make shredded carrots the base of your recipe, and once the carrots soak up and are softened by the lime juice, you’ll have the best ceviche recipe without having to use any animal products.

Whether you’re preparing a Mexican shrimp ceviche recipe or mixing up a vegan version, the tropical lime juice and fresh flavors will transport you back to the coast of Mexico. Try a fresh tuna ceviche recipe or mix it up with a little octopus. As you play around with combinations of seafood and toppings, you’ll find the best ceviche recipe or maybe even two!

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