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Cabo San Lucas Traditional Food

DINING | Published on 16/05/2019
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Stretching from Baja California to the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico is a beautifully diverse country stemming from ancient practices and mixed with the influences of Spanish colonization and modern globalization. Each area of the country is known for particular styles of dress, local festivals, and traditional foods. With such a great variety, a list of Mexican dishes could go on forever and include dishes you’ve never heard of. In Cabo, traditional Mexican food is inspired by the sea, which gives us some of the best food in Cabo San Lucas. To truly immerse yourself in the spirit of the city, order any of these traditional dishes if you see them on the menu. Their rich flavor and aromatic spices will prove to you that the best Mexican recipes come from the Baja Peninsula.

Chocolate Clams

If you’re craving chocolate, don’t be deceived by the name of these clams, but if you love seafood, get ready to dig into big, meaty clams. Chocolate clams get their name from their smooth brown shells, and to experience the most authentic Mexican food Cabo San Lucas offers, these are a must since the waters here are one of the few places in the world where the large clams are found. Locals chefs have experimented with sauces and spices on the clams to create some of the best Mexican recipes that can only be ordered here.

Smoked Marlin

Marlin is the king of fish here, ruling the waters and tempting fishermen out onto the crashing waves. Shredding and smoking the marlin not only preserves the meat, but it also enhances its flavor. Smoked with a savory marinade and topped with a little cilantro and onions on a corn tortilla, marlin tacos are quite possibley the best food in Cabo San Lucas, proving that some of the best Mexican recipes come from the sea. To find the freshest fish, book a fishing trip and go on the hunt for tasty marlin to have prepared for you dinner.

Tamales Fajados De Pollo And Tamales De Guemes

Tamales are well-known traditional Mexican food, and chicken tamales fajados and tamales de guemes are some authentic Mexican food Cabo San Lucas is known for. Chicken tamales fajados are corn dough filled with seasoned and stewed chicken wrapped in corn husk--a Cabo San Lucas food staple. While tamales de guemes are also made from corn dough and wrapped in husks, this authentic Mexican food Cabo San Lucas makes is filled with chicken or pork as well as olives, raisins, and olive oil. If you stop at a local street food stand or restaurant, you can order one of each for a delicious and truly authentic meal.

Comida De Pobres

If you’re scanning a list of Mexican dishes and come across comida de pobres, poor people’s food, it probably won’t strike you as a dish to try on vacation, but if you don’t, you’ll be missing out on some of the best food in Cabo San Lucas. Comida de pobres is a hearty seafood soup loaded with beans and Mexican rice. You can find people from all backgrounds ordering this traditional Mexican food around town for a filling and mouth-watering meal.

Cabo San Lucas food keeps drawing visitors from around the world to her golden shores, so if this list of Mexican dishes has your taste buds dancing, it’s time to start planning your trip to Cabo San Lucas where these dishes can be found at local diners and in elegant restaurants. Diving into the diversity of Cabo San Lucas food will make you feel like a local and give you a richer taste of Mexican culture.

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