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When to Visit Los Cabos

DESTINATION | Published on 04/05/2019
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Just like it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, it’s always a good time to visit Los Cabos. It’s sparkling waters and soft sands make it one of the top destinations in Mexico year round. However, each season of the year brings a unique vibe to the city, so the best month to visit Los Cabos Mexico depends on what you’re looking for on your vacation. Some months bring about the cheapest time to visit Los Cabos, and others are busy months with lots of events and festivals. These descriptions will help you choose when to visit Los Cabos Mexico and to figure out the answer to the question “is Los Cabos safe to visit?”

January - April

Start the new year right by escaping the icy winds and planting your umbrella on the warm beaches of Cabo. With mild temperatures and a light tropical breeze that blows away the summer humidity, this is the best time to visit Los Cabos for many travelers seeking warmer shores and a Cabo events calendar that quickly fills up. If you’re debating when to visit Los Cabos Mexico, knowing that even humpback whales choose to migrate to Cabo during these months to birth their calves in the tropical sea might sway you to visit Los Cabos. In the mornings from your resort suite, you can spot these magnificent creatures splashing off the shore, or for a closer view, you can head out to sea on a whale watching tour. As the whales migrate back north in March, spring breakers start to fill Cabo for days of lively activity and nights of reveling. Whether or not you’re a college-aged traveler, you may wonder is Los Cabos safe to visit during spring break. While nightlife will be especially lively and crowded during these weeks, practicing common sense, being careful when drinking, and always taking secure transportation with a group at night will help keep you safe during these high-energy weeks.

May - July

Between the rush of spring break travelers and late summer storms, hotel and airline deals start to pop up, so for families whose kids are out of school, deciding when to visit Los Cabos Mexico is a clear choice. While the summer air gets warmer with highs in the 80s, diving under the cool ocean waves is even more refreshing and lounging by the pool at your all inclusive resort even more relaxing. The many family activities in Los Cabos outside in the natural environment are both restorative and fun with the fresh air. Without the usual spring crowds, the question is Los Cabos safe to visit will be eased, and you can enjoy building incredible family memories away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life during the best month to visit Los Cabos Mexico altogether.

August - September

Across Mexico and along the coasts, August and September are known as rainy season. In Cabo, the temperatures will be in the 90s most days, but the chance of daily rain is only around 20%, making it the best time to visit Los Cabos if you’re looking forward to relaxing on the beach and sipping margaritas. It’s also the cheapest time to visit Los Cabos, with hotels and airlines slashing their prices and offering their biggest discounts of the year. If you take advantage of these deals, you’ll escape the crowds and find yourself on picture-perfect beaches where you can spread out and cool off in the breeze or take a dip in the ocean. Get the best of the city during the cheapest time to visit Los Cabos without worrying is Los Cabos safe to visit.

October - December

As the breeze continues to blow, it sweeps away the humidity of the summer and ushers in the milder temperatures of winter. As the weather tempts more visitors to visit Los Cabos, more events start popping up around town, including several fishing tournaments where fishermen compete to see who can reel in the biggest catch. While October is definately the best month to visit Los Cabos Mexico for avid fishermen, many travelers prefer the warmth and clarity of the ocean waters during these months for snorkeling than for fishing. No matter what adventures you go on, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best Cabo weather and avoid the higher prices of the busy season in the new year.

There is not one best month to visit Los Cabos Mexico. Instead, choose the best time to visit Los Cabos based on how you want to fill your vacation and what weather best suits your dreams. What will make your vacation magical isn’t just the tropical breeze or sun sparkling on the sea; it’s the people you travel with and create lifelong memories with who will give you the best vacation you could imagine.

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