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Outdoor Activities in Cabo

DESTINATION | Published on 03/11/2020
Optimizada outdoor activities in cabo

If you are looking for the best outdoor vacations, look no further than the Cabo San Lucas activities that have made the destination one of the most visited cities on the planet. From whale watching to camel rides, Cabo adventures tours and activities take you out of your hotel room and into the heart of paradise. Whether on land or at sea, you’ll find a plethora of family outdoor activities that travelers of every age will love. Experience the ultimate adventure outdoors when you try one of the many things to do in Cabo San Lucas that made our list. 

Outdoor Activities in Cabo San Lucas for Adventure Lovers

The thrill of new experiences and outdoor activities in Cabo San Lucas turn your beach vacation into an adventure. On an ATV tour, you’ll race over rugged trails in the mountains and on the beaches surrounding the city. As you explore the Baja desert on your ATV adventure outdoors, you’ll see a variety of cacti, rocky cliffs, and panoramic views. Bungee jumping isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s one of the most unique options for what to do in Cabo San Lucas to explore the desert. However, there are few Cabo adventures tours and activities that require the bravery of skydiving. If you have the nerve to jump out of a plane over the ocean, you’ll get a whole new view of the city before landing on the beach in front of your resort.

Cabo San Lucas Activities On and In the Water

It’s the ocean that draws thousands of travelers to the shores of Mexico, and the Sea of Cortez was even nicknamed “The Aquarium of the World” by the legendary Jacques Cousteau, so it’s no surprise that there’s a variety of Cabo San Lucas activities on and in the water that will give you one of the best outdoor vacations. Snorkeling has always been a favorite option for what to do in Cabo San Lucas, and one of the best spots is the iconic Land’s End and Cabo Arch, two of the main Cabo San Lucas attractions. Tropical fish dart along the rocks and float in the currents, and if you keep your eyes open, you may even spot octopus and sea turtles. However, to really get up close to underwater marine life, scuba diving is one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas, and here, you can explore sunken ships and sandfalls. Above the water’s surface, paddleboarding and kayaking are also popular outdoor activities in Cabo San Lucas.

Family Outdoor Activities

With a variety of options for an adventure outdoors, Cabo San Lucas is the ideal destination for families who enjoy being active together. While you’ll need to be brave to go ziplining, it’s one of the Cabo adventures tours and activities that the whole family can try, and since you move from platform to platform, no one will fall behind. Some of the other popular family outdoor activities include riding camels and whale watching, adventures where everyone sticks together while exploring the natural environment of Baja California. 

What to Do in Cabo San Lucas with Young Kids

While there are some family outdoor activities that young kids won’t be able to keep up on, there are some that are perfect for them. There are several options for swimming with dolphins in Cabo, some that are perfectly geared for younger kids who aren’t strong swimmers, and seeing their faces light up as they pet dolphins makes for the best outdoor vacations. For kids whose imaginations run wild with adventure, set sail with the Cabo pirates for a day of snorkeling, snacking, and sailing, and for kids who love animals, being a part of a baby sea turtle release is a magical experience.

Cabo San Lucas Attractions for Lovers

From the ocean sunsets to the swaying palm trees, the natural Cabo San Lucas attractions inspire romance, and the city has become a destination for romantic weddings and getaways. For an intimate night out in Cabo, take a sunset sail around Land’s End where you’ll be able to unwind and relax while watching the sky change from blue to yellow and orange. You can also spend the day pampering yourselves at a Cabo spa, a date that’s both sensuous and rejuvenating. No matter how you spend your day, end it with a gourmet meal and a bottle of wine.

There’s so many things to do in Cabo San Lucas that you’ll wake up every day with the promise of a new adventure. From rugged trips into the desert to fun days at sea, there’s a million reasons to get outside that will make you fall in love with Cabo San Lucas.

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