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Cabo San Lucas in December

DESTINATION | Published on 08/12/2021
Optimizada activities in cabo san lucas in december

Instead of spending your mornings scraping ice off your windshield, you could be strolling barefoot along the beaches of Mexico. By replacing the dark days of winter with the warm sunshine of the beach, travelers find the perfect boost for their physical and mental health, and Cabo San Lucas is one of the top destinations in Mexico for a winter vacation. During December, the Cabo San Lucas weather is at its best, and with a fresh ocean breeze, you can enjoy the endless variety of December activities in Cabo. As you make your plans to end the year here, you’ll see that December is truly the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo San Lucas Weather in Winter

The fall rains wash the summer heat away, leaving mild temperatures and clear skies in their wake. It’s this Cabo San Lucas weather that attracts so many travelers, especially since other parts of the world have deep snow and ice. Rather than feeling cooped up inside, you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor activities in Cabo San Lucas in December, and you can eat every meal in the fresh air. Because it is winter, the mornings and evenings are cooler than the afternoons, so if your list of what to do includes sailing at sunrise or sunset, be sure to bring a light jacket.

Activities in Cabo San Lucas in December

The warm weather also attracts migratory whales who travel from Arctic waters to the coast of Mexico for an abundance of krill and small fish to feed on and for safe waters where they can give birth. Whale watching tours are the most unique activities in Cabo San Lucas in December while they’re here. Other December activities allow you to explore the ocean as well. Since there’s rarely any rain, the ocean has great visibility for snorkeling and scuba diving, and there are several deep sea fishing tournaments in the winter. Since winter is the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas for many, there’s always an exciting event and festival taking place, and December will be filled with holiday parties.

Saving Money on Holiday Travels

For travelers on a budget, winter isn’t typically the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas, and while prices are usually lowest in the summer, savvy travelers know how to save on holiday getaways. Their top tip for what to do to score vacation deals is to shop early and know when to buy. Since you’re not as likely to find last-minute deals on holiday travels, sign up for exclusive newsletters from resorts and tour companies so that you get a heads up on all upcoming sales. Another tip is to book an all-inclusive resort package, which will cover all your meals and drinks and provide your family with a variety of fun on-site activities.

If the winter blues have you wondering what to do when you’re stuck inside, start planning a December escape to Cabo San Lucas. Instead of bundling up to head outside, you’ll be able to bury your toes in the sand and throw on a t-shirt to enjoy all the unique December activities in Cabo.

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